App in a Day 040

App in a Day 040

  On march 4, the first App in a Day Eindhoven took place. The participants were unanimously enthusiastic about this form of cooperation. With more than 20 participants the expectation had already surpassed. The short-term spontaneously organized event was part of 7 Days of Inspiration, and was held in this very convenient conference rooms of Seats2Meet Eindhoven. As an introduction and inspiration, short presentation about Open Data, Apps and Co-creation, were held. The themes and concepts the participants brought forward were mapped and based on this  teams were formed.   The judges had a difficult time to select a winner.  Yet “it’s my life” ended on the second place and “Bengi” came out as the winner of the day. With a certificate and a special pie App in a Day 040, the winning team went for a picture (posted in Eindhovens Dagblad) Also the Apps for Eindhoven Challenge was announced, that will organized by Platform Open Data Eindhoven.

Eindhovens Dagblad 05-03-2011

All app concepts:

  • Cat Finder – Find your cat (back) with your mobile by RFID sensors in the neighborhood
  • Nature Connection – QR tagged trees are given a virtual identity that is even visible after processing into furniture.
  • * Bengi – happiness measurement online and through the App also visible for your friends.
  • Odd Jobs – Bob for a job with geotagged 2.0 jobs offer.
  • Duurzaam Water – awareness of water consumption by maken the consumption visible.
  • It’s My Life – Images and documents of someone’s life clearly organized online for people with amnesia.

The jury consisted out: Guus Knippenbergh, Detlef La Grand, Michael Dawkins en Olga Mink. Organisation: MAD emergent art center Participant of 7 Days of Inspiration and Open Data Eindhoven. Made possible by Seats2meet Eindhoven. More information about app in a Day 040: e-mail René Paré