Rocket to the Space of tomorrow!

Rocket to the Space of tomorrow!

“Wings of Desired Love. Confidence Reliability

Propulsion rockets of energy, light and motion

Loaded with images, dreams and ideas of residents of this planet “


The highlight of the ‘Knotsgekke Voertuigen Parade’ Crazy Car Parade is the Rocket to Space of Tomorrow in Space punk style by makers of all layers of the population.

This collectively built rocket is a separate project that is an eye catcher and part of the ‘Knotsgekke Voertuigen Parade’ during Eindhoven Maker Faire.


Long long ago in a galaxy here far far away …

During the week from wednesday to friday 23th to 25th of august you could come to work on a real rocket with technical support at different locations. A free workshop of the Maker Faire for young and old. Together people worked on a 5-meter high rocket, which will be ‘presented’ on September 2nd, at the 18 September square.

During this workshop, you were also responsible for the appearance of the space punk rocket and these are provided with important designs such as a warp filter or ionizer.


Why Rocket to the Space of Tomorrow?

There is a need to emphasize the connectivity of the new Makers movement with Eindhoven and Brabant and express in a concrete project.

To this end, the design and production of a spectacular creative installation, as well as a special event, have been developed which, together, give the Eindhoven Maker Faire a special load and appearance.

The concept is a Rocket that is created as a transformer by calling on the Maker community of Eindhoven and its surroundings. The project provides for participation of residents, special groups and creative professionals.

The rocket presentatie is also the highlight of the Crazy Car Parade – a series of creative vehicles – giving the Maker Faire a special load. The parade consists of extravagant imaginative and creative driving objects, resembling bikes, carts, wackyboards, cars .. and a Rocket!

Neighborhood residents, local Makers, recycle companies, scrapheap artists use materials available in the vicinity of the manufacturing industry (DAF, VDL, Philips, ASML …)


With Industrial materials one creates a Jules Verne / Steampunk style fantasy rocket

The Rocket’s charge consists of ideas and dreams of children, adults and the elderly for the future of society. With images, texts, letters and drawings, future images are created that convey hope and desire.

The load with the Messages of Meaning is a festive ritual.


The Rocket goes to the space of tomorrow after all!

At the moment Supreme: The launch on Strijp-S in front of the ‘Klokgebouw’ shows a spectacle: The rocket launches over the remaining earthlings with smoke, light and light effects the load of wishes for the future.


Farmers Citizens and Outsiders

Due to the wide participation, there were new forms of cooperation, acquaintance and social activation. An active contact with the participants was made in the neighborhoods.


Artists, builders and helpers

Under the supervision of designers / artists, Meetings were organized where collaboration and knowledge became the most normal thing in the world again.


Neighborhood residents contributed and join the team.

Modules and elements were assembled to assemble the entire Rocket. In addition, the rocket is styled on the outside and decorated.


Neighborhood residents from Eindhoven and surroundings

Trade & hobby associations

TU / e students; Fontys; Saint Lucas; Sum

Designers, artists, engineers

Presentation / loading

On Saturday September 2th, the Rocket is assembled at the 18 Seotember square and decorated by the builders. After the ceremonial revelation on Saturday afternoon, the rocket takes a demonstrative trip to the Klokgebouw, where the Crazy Car Parade is ready for a trip on Strijp-S.

The Rocket launches, with noise, light and smoke effects, the dream dreams, and during the Eindhoven maker, Faire Weekends is an iconic symbol for the Makers of Eindhoven.

Here will be video, photos and reports made.