(Nederlands) Manifestations 2017

(Nederlands) Manifestations 2017


Will the Future Design Us?

Grootse tech event van de Dutch Design Week!


Eindhoven 21-29 Oct 2017 11-18h

Meet the future and get inspired during the DDW at Manifestations!

Manifestations presents more than 100 international participants in a mix of art and innovative technology and asks the question: Will the Future Design Us?

Clothing with goose bumps, electronic House doctor, aroma-therapy in your clothing, family cocoon, robot that oak procession caterpillars eat, 360 degrees cult Science Fiction, fantasy organs, interactive smart mounting-tattoos, smart nail, useless superpowers, urine recycling bottle for refugees, massage jacket, boring children’s parties for rich kids, the latest E-Fashion, innovative Virtual Reality, come and play with us!

The best of DDW 2016

The DDW-organization wants to celebrate the quality of its program. Therefore she asked seven scouts to along with the public from the more than 430 designs, projects, presentations and to nominate for each two designers 2500 The Best of DDW 2016. With particular attention to the creators and their create processes, responding to the DDW-theme ‘ The making of ‘. Also Manifestations – Will the Future Design Us? was one of the featured projects chosen and should a year long the title The Best of DDW 2016.

This ensures that we also this year only the best and highest quality projects, exhibitions, art and technology to offer!

Sneak Peek Artists


Marina Toeters

Sander Veenhof

Pinar Yoldas

Baron Lanteigne

Agi Haines


Internet of Women Things

Technology is too often created by men for men: what role we want Technology to have? Need-driven instead of profit-driven?
“Internet and technology are too often created by men for men,” according to curator Viola Virus. She would like to see: more feminine, more humane, more collective, more social, protective, more empowering and bottom up. More than 80% of the employees in the ICT sector is man, according to figures from the statistic Office of the European Union. What are the consequences on development, design and application of the technology?

A study of Aaltojärv (2009) shows that ICT products designed by women more user friendly, nicer, quieter and smaller. Products designed by men, on the other hand, are more high-tech and more innovative. Viola Virus examined the needs of women in the field of internet and technology. For Internet or Women Things collected they work in which the influence of female values, designers and artists are visible.

Opposite mindsets?: social versus profit-driven, health knowledge versus consumerism, open creativity versus entertainment. In addition, the experience and learn together versus prescribed classes and bottom up versus top down processes. Women know the right balance between these competing values and excel increasingly on innovation. Diversity as a key to success!

There is a large spectrum of technological developments that should be accessible to everyone. Technology is not just for the rich white man, but also for the woman, the child, the illiterate, the animal, for all of us. Viola Virus does the call for technology to democratize.
Let’s make the technology more in balance, and focus on need driven technology instead of profit-driven technology.

–  http://www.ddw.nl/evenement/1233


– Veemgebouw

-Bibiotheek Eindhoven

-Van Abbehuis Bilderdijklaan


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A collaboration with Viola Virus, Hyperspace Collective, GGzE and others.