WIJ Hack

WIJ Hack


Social Design Innovation hackathon

WIJHACK is a booted for help for residents closer as possible.

This we have done with a collaboration of motivated students, start ups and professionals from the Government/business people and use there knowledge and creativity to promote social innovation.

With this know-how we have been able to find solutions to everyday problems and current social processes around personal and family-help-questions and answers.

The Hackathon took place on Saturday 23 september 10:00 am to Sunday 24 september 18:00 hours in the Albert of Abbehuis, Eindhoven

Participants shared their expertise:

Students, start ups and professionals from government/business, with expertise on the intersections of

  • sociaal / communication
  • cultural/social
  • Smart Cities / Internet of people
  • Design/Psychology/sociology

Low-threshold support close to the resident

The support should be easily accessible and visible.
The current form of the 1st contact with Wijeindhoven mainly happens by phone – that is centrally organised.

  • We’d like to be closer to our residents.
  • We want to offer multiple opportunities to get in touch with the Organization
  • We want to help/services as soon as possible.
  • We want to be as fast as possible work towards the face-to-face contact
  • We want to support the resident to be a self  director and to be able to get, have and keep.


for, by and with the residents

  • How can the potential of Wijeindhoven in line with the talents of the residents
  • How can talent near manifest and effectively develop.

information provision

  • How can images and expectations that residents have of Wijeindhoven made clear.
  • How can (neighbourhood) initiatives integrated and transparent be created for residents and providers.

forms of access

  • What is the access from Wijeindhoven, how does it work and how is that experienced?
  • How to contact to Wijeindhoven for residents, employees and external (digital/multimedia) facilitated?

Applied phases

  • Information phase
  • Creative phase
  • Design phase
  • Realisation phase