Artist in residence project with Bram Hermens entitled Aquila

Artist in residence project with Bram Hermens entitled Aquila

The residency will take place from 12-11-2017 till 15-01-2018. It is part of an annual project in the centre of Eindhoven, between the City Hall and the Van Abbemuseum. Hermens will realize the temporary transformation of a bus stop by world famous designer and architect Gerrit Rietveld. This project is part of a range of projects by contemporary artists and was initiated by Stichting Bushalte van Rietveld.

During Glow, the salon of the villa of the gallery will be transformed into a studio in which the artist will realize life size Hellenistically inspired drawings on translucent material; drawings which question the idea of new ideologies of Totalitarianism, Imperialism and Globalism itself.

The public involvement of the transformation of a light column is a crucial and dynamic element in the process. The creative process confronts the viewer with a strong yet vulnerable large manual drawing juxtaposed with an urban environment. The drawing deals with the controversial iconography formally used by Totalitarian and Imperialistic systems throughout the world and attempts to question and transform these symbols.

The fact that this project takes place in collaboration with and physically in front of the internationally renowned Van Abbemuseum recalls a similar occasion when the artist realized his wall drawing ‘BACTRIUS’ there for a period of six months during 2011/2012.

This project at Albert van Abbehuis is made possible by the city of Eindhoven, Stichting Bushalte van Rietveld, En-en-Architecten, Stedelijk Van Abbemuseum Eindhoven, Staal Christensen art and design buro.