Bright Future

Bright Future

About the Hackathon

Take us to the future

Do you want to wake up a billion euro industry? Do you enjoy disruption and impactful challenges? CSU organizes a hackathon to hear from smart outsiders which current and future developments the cleaning industry can take. CSU also wants to know which developments they have to take care of that will influence the cleaning services. We look for an ‘out of the box’ view of our profession. We even dare to ask the question, to what extent is cleaning necessary in the future?

Ideas that emerge from the hackathon could turn the cleaning industry upside down. Want to help make this change? Are you a techie, business expert, sociologist, futurist, data scientist, developer or you have expertise from a surprising angle to contribute to disrupting and impactfull challenges?

Are you ready for the challenge?


Cleaning as part of the total facility services ensures that the environment where people work and live pleasant and healthy. The way in which cleaning services are carried out by specialist companies, looks very much like the way it happened 50 years ago. There is relatively little innovation compared at other branches, which in some cases perform and organize their tasks completely differently. Think about the production, logistics, technology or financial services. The vacuum cleaner and the microfibre cloth are one of the few products that have made an entry in this industry in all those years and disruptive in their time are experienced.

CSU, a cleaning organization with 25 thousand employees, exists exactly 50 years and is known all the time as an innovative organization. However, the world is moving faster and faster and CSU challenges you to move forward with us to look at developments that seem to be increasingly fast. The cleaning work will change, the employee develops and the labor market as well. These three pillars will also strongly influence each other. But how do they develop themselves? Which technological, digital, economic, ecological and socially social are we going to see trends that could affect this?


March 10 and 11, 2018

Philips stadion Eindhoven