Science Hack Day Eindhoven

Science Hack Day Eindhoven

This legendary, challenging, inspiring hackathon – summoning the holy grail of science – is happening again!

You can be part of this adventurous survival of creative minds, and indulge into the extravagant experiments and daring prototyping as developed by teams of artists, engineers, designers, architects, hackers, students, developers, startups…. A game changing experience, for you!


Main theme of this Science Hack Day is data in public space, privacy, security… but also social, creative and fun aspects of our data space.
What is your idea for this?

Starting point for this theme is the Trillion EU project where Eindhoven Stratumseind is testbed. The development server of this project will be exclusively available during the hackathon. The main developers are present to explain and help.

Next to this platform challenge (technology, design, ethics, use cases etc) all sub-related issues or concepts can be challenged.

The testbed “Stratumseind 2.0” is also a challenge – including prototypes of a feromone machine, LORAwan technology, Sorama camera listener 64, Vinotion camera and ral time 3D visualisation.

You will witness a virtual tour of the actual systems already in place and get flabbergasted to see how much is possible already. Experiment with the system and gather live data.

And of course Science Hack Day Eindhoven is open for all weird, silly or serious things with science!
Take a look at the weird, surprising and mind blowing concepts of previous editions, and get inspired!

Grab your stuff, put your phone on silent and join the gang!
Please register via Eventbrite so we can order some/just enough delicious lunches and dinner for you!

Oh and also, we have money prizes for the winning teams!
And a professional jury!

Read all about it and bring your friends.