@postasis – virtual artistic laboratory – in Eindhoven!

@postasis – virtual artistic laboratory – in Eindhoven!

Experience and participate in the experimental multi-user art & media platform!

A creative space enabling the development of multiuser educational artistic sessions.

Including real-time experimentations, collaborative artistic projects, large-scale participatory events and actions for the general public (e.g. workshops, exhibitions), both in virtual and in physical space.

Listen to keynotes and presentations, join hands-on demonstrations and experiments and enjoy free workshops.
The two-day program is divided in four sub programs in Effenaar, Fontys and Albert van Abbehuis.

Free registration on Eventbrite - one ticket for every part.

This European collaboration invites artists, students and professionals to join the presentations, workshops and experiments. The event is a two day pick-as-you-please seminar and interactive program.

We are welcoming presentations from ASFA (Athens School of Fine Arts), University Paris 8, Argenia (Rome), Omega Technology (Athens) and MAD emergent art center (Eindhoven). Read more about the Apostasis program here.

Thursday 21 March 

#1 Effenaar 10:00 – 12:30 – FREE TICKET

  • Opening Apostasis Multiplier program
  • Smart Venue – sneak peek
  • Apostasis Framework and Philosphy
  • Unity platform technology
  • Internet of Things Keynote: Lorna Goulden
  • Discussion

#2 Effenaar 13:30 – 17:30 – FREE TICKET

  • Live Apostasis demo
  • Workshops Arduino; Unity; 3D modelling
  • Experiments with sensor data in 3D
  • Hacking Apostasis
  • Showcase battle

Friday 22 March

#3 Fontys TQ 11:00 – 12:30 – FREE TICKET

  • Apostasis technology and artistic framework
  • Workshops Arduino; Unity; 3D modelling; Virtual reality
  • Hacking Apostasis
  • Showcase battle

#4 Albert van Abbehuis 13:30 – 16:00 – FREE TICKET

  • Presentation sensor suit connected body
  • Demonstration Apostasis
  • Workshops Arduino, Unity, 3D modelling
  • Hacking Apostasis
  • Showcase battle
The program is free to attend. Free refreshments during the program.
Please register here for:
Thursday 21-3  Apostasis #1Apostasis #2
Friday 22-3  Apostasis #3Apostasis #4