Make the Future

Make the Future

Discover a range of interactive presentations, exhibits, talks and more during Dutch Design Week.

The Albert van Abbehuis is welcoming the curious, the open minded, the extraordinary, the autonomous.

Join us to forecast the future of working and living:

  • By taking control of our local economy, our food production and environment
  • By hands-on learning from teachers and masters
  • By experimenting to implement circular consumption
  • By developing technology for social innovation
  • By embracing the innovative power of art and science

Make the Future is:

Connecting Technology and Creativity to Make and Develop

• Individual Growth
• Social Innovation
• Social Creativity

Integrating Cultures and Connecting People

• Open Everything that Really Matters
• Moving into new Realities
• Finding Roads to Enlightenment
• Play to See, Understand and Act

Disruptive Power to Change Awaress & Acting

• Catalyzer Function in Eco-system
• Social & Sustainable Assets
• Sharing & Revolving Models
• Bottom-up Empowerment


  • Apostasis – virtual artistic laboratory ***DEMO***

a creative space enabling the development of multiuser educational artistic sessions with real-time experimentations, collaborative artistic projects, large-scale participatory events and actions for the general public (e.g. workshops, exhibitions), both in virtual and in physical space.

  • Pixel People – escape from cyber space ***PROTOTYPE***

Pixel People is a surprising, but also fun mixed reality experience that fuels the participant’s knowledge and skills. Promoting online freedom, privacy and autonomy of the participants will create more equality and reciprocity between people, society and technological development.

  • Maker Movement ***EXHIBIT***

You can create the next breakthrough innovation. A revolution is under way. But it’s not about tearing down the old guard. It’s about building, it’s about creating, it’s about breathing life into groundbreaking new ideas. It’s called the Maker Movement, and it’s changing the world. (Mark Hatch)

  • Hackathon ***INVENTION GAME***

This hackathon is a special experience for creative, curious, skilled people who dare to take on this challenge. We expect to see daring solutions from a virtual vortex mixer that consists of a magical combination of Tech and Social, Global and Local, Mind and Matter. Technical and creative people work together with sector specialists in ad hoc teams – Ground-breaking concepts are developed into proof-of-concepts, prototypes or demos.

  • Live Lab  – toolbox for 21st century cities ***DESIGN ATELIER***

Live Lab is a virtual and physical platform for sharing knowledge, ideas and experiences. It is open to residents, government and organizations. Live Lab helps to achieve a better living environment by coming up with innovative solutions for implementation. It is a mobile and flexible lab with screens / digiboards, voting boxes for the participants, a stand-alone interactive vandal-proof outdoor screen that can be placed in the public space. It is supported by an online environment where background information, chat and exchange of media is possible to prepare the meetings.

  • Tover je Toekomst – Imagine  Your Future ***SCIENCE FICTION***

 Tover je Toekomst is a workshop where children can think of their own future. Everybody contributes to the future, so we invite children to contribute. It is an interactive workshop aimed at children between the ages of 6 and 14.

  • MADspace hackerspace ***CODE FOR PRIVACY***

MADspace is concerned with data- and network security and has expertise in privacy matters relating to our digital reality.

Events and performances to be announced.

Opening Hours

Saturday 19 October till Sunday 27 October

Daily from 13:00 – 17:00 hours

Special events to be announced


Albert van Abbehuis

Bilderdijklaan 19, Eindhoven

Free admission to regular show


tel. 040 2133032