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Logo Eindhoven Mini Maker Faire

Come to the Eindhoven Mini Maker Faire and experience, discover and enjoy creative technology, durable innovations and artistic creations.

The Maker Faire is a day full of family friendly things to enjoy. Be inspired by art, handicraft, engineering, science and technology from the Makers from Eindhoven and far beyond.

Presentations – Demonstrations – Workshops
A dynamic group of over 80 makers will showcase their interactive arts and amaze you again and again.
Both young and old can participate in the challenging demonstrations and workshops.
Amongst new presentations there are: 3D-Foamcutter, building a synthesizer, learning how to program with marbles and DATA-Glove (A glove which can be used to control a game with your own hands).

InMoov robot
Amongst these flavors are two amazing international Makers.

InMoov  is a 3D printed Open Source Robot from Paris. Everyone in the world can contribute to the design of the InMoov robot and print out it’s models.


Robotband playing the greatest hits
TeamDARE will been performing as robotband live many times. The robots will be playing these hits without any human interaction.
A small team of enthusiastic engineers from Eindhoven developed TeamDARE and brought it international fame. 


Win a free ticket
Win a free ticket by participating in our selfie-event. For more information, check out

Come to the new event-location VDMA in the heart of Eindhoven, between Heuvelgalerie, Cocagne hotel and De Groene Toren / Pathe cinema. Saturday 29 and sunday 30 of august between 11 AM and 6 PM! 

All the information can be found on the website:

Call for Volunteers for the Eindhoven Makerfaire

Volunteers Eindhoven Mini Maker Faire wanted!

We are looking for people who want to contribute to two amazing days at the Maker Faire.  Tasks are i.e. welcoming  the Makers at  the Maker Faire, constructing and deconstructing the faire,hosting the Maker Faire  diner and  breakfast. As a way  of  saying  thanks  we will spoil you: all-you-can-eat, drink and a t-shirt! Besides these fun  things you  will get inspired by the creative Makers community.

If you have any questions regarding volunteer work please contact:

Justin van der Woude (Project assistant / Volunteer-coördinator)
Phone: +06 52 08 60 37


René Paré (Director)
Phone: +06 51 05 86 44

Below you will find the registration form. To open the form in a separate page please click here.


AG Food & Health Challenge

opportunities, knowledge and practices

Agriculture, Food and Health are facing fundamental changes in the age of digitization and data networks, but also are crucial to human and planetary wellbeing now and in the future.

To identify challenges, hack new solutions, start endeavours; a tentative program is devised. We bring together engineers and artists; developers and experts; scientists and marketeers in an adventurous “innovation vortex”.

Agriculture, Food and Health

AGFood is a world in itself. And so is Health. But that is not a solution for the observed need for more than one Earth if we continue how we are living now. In fact in observing both worlds may be found keys for new solutions: to recognise more the fact that the mega sectors like AGFood and Health are strongly interrelated, we may find groundbreaking insights, solutions and implementations.

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AG & Food Tech Safari Silicon Valley

MAD is participating in an innovative mission to  Silicon Valley, supported by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Dutch Embassy Consulate in San Francisco. After co-developing innovation programs connecting Agri-Food and Tech, Design and an Ethical Hackers and Critical Artist approach (PolderHack; Flora Fauna Hack; Food Waste Hack) we anticipate further Disruptive Innovation development in the Agri-Food & Tech field.

Engaging in the international community of brave innovators and passionate developers, we expect to discover new perspectives for MAD and the Eindhoven eco-system. Specifically we are interested in the relation between the world of Agri-Food and the world of Health in the age of uprising technology. An exploring hackathon confronting Health and Agri Food is planned for October 2015 during Dutch Design Week 2015.

“Agriculture, the world’s oldest industry, is ripe for disruption. Silicon Valley took note and has worked up quite an appetite for Agricultural Technology during the past two years. Investors, hedge funds, startups, and incubators have been proliferating, ramping up total investments in the Food & Ag space to $1.4 billion in 2014, investing in everything from Smart Farming practices with drones, sensors and the Internet of Things, to tech-driven food innovations.

Climate change, feeding an ever-growing global population, food shortages, and droughts are some of the societal challenges that have been plaguing the agri-food industry. Silicon Valley, with its IT innovation ecosystem, is poised to effect innovative change in the agri-food industry in order to continue to feed people safely and sustainable, while also taking into account rising awareness and changing consumer demands.

These opportunities are not limited to Silicon Valley. In the Netherlands, data and tech driven innovation also holds the potential for new revenue and business models, especially in the intersection of Dutch agri-food champions, design creatives and tech talent. Plugging into the nascent ecosystem in Silicon Valley is key in kick-starting our crucial network building and sparking connections. To this goal we organize the first Silicon Valley Ag & Food Tech Safari. To view the entire tentative program of the Safari, please click here. The Safari coincides with the Food IT Conference held at Stanford on June 24th, as well as FoodBytes! on June 25th, hosted by SF New Tech.”

More information on the website of Dutch Basecamp.

Call for Makers – Eindhoven Maker Faire

Logo Eindhoven Mini Maker Faire

The Eindhoven Mini Maker Faire welcomes you as a Maker on her second annual faire August 29 and 30, 2015.

What to do?

The Eindhoven Mini Maker Faire is a unique and accessible event for creative people!
Are you a creator, inventor, hacker, artist, robot-builder, Arduino specialist, hobbyist … This is your place to perform!

Join the Maker Community!

Show your creations, demonstrate your making-process, give a workshop, inspire the public, sell homemade products, do something special! We are curious to hear about your cool and exciting project and ideas!

Read more and apply here:

Symposium program

Make the Future mini symposium

22 May 2015 – TAC, Vonderweg 1, Eindhoven

2.30 pm doors open – welcome in TAC Café

3 pm – Opening René Paré, director MAD

3.15 pm – Causeries over de thema’s door de de Inspirators en Moderators:

  • Life in Creation – Marije van der Park @ – Green City Designer
  • Digital Life – Wiepko Oosterhuis @ – Science Fiction Expert
  • Human Tech – Wim Langenhoff @ – MAD Scientist
  • Circular Life – Gudule Martens @ – Social Sustainability Architect
  • Human Tech – Maurits Kreijveld @ – Futurist

4 pm Soup – Culinair Cafetaria

4.15 pm Table Groups – interaction between clusters and participants – Posters Future Creations

5.15 pm Plenary Presentation and Discussion

5.45 pm Buffet – Salad • Chicken yakitori skewers • Light smoked salmon filet • Veggi Thai curry – Culinair Cafetaria

6.30 pm End – transfer to TAC Café for drinks and fun – Posters Future Creations are put in the exhibition. Evening Program here.

20 years of creating the future


MAD celebrates its 20th anniversary with a day of feast!

On May 22 we are presenting a symposium with buffet, an evening with screenings, performances and party music!

  • Evening Program / Party:
    7:30 pm – 12 pm
  • Symposium Make the Future
    2:30 pm – 6:30 pm
    incl. buffet / RSVP
  • MAD 20 exhibition 22 – 24 May
    1 pm  – 5 pm (Saturday till 9 pm)
  • Location: TAC, Vonderweg 1, Eindhoven

Evening Program / Party

From 7:30 pm we welcome everybody for an inspiring evening with a mix of video, performances, exhibition, drinks and music!
The international première of the Eindhoven Maker Faire Documentary is the main screening, preceded by a number of short films. Screenings start at 8 pm.
From around 9 pm performances and the exhibition opening mix into a party experience you don’t want to miss!
Bring your friends and family for a great MAD 20 party!


The MAD 20 symposium is an interactive and inspiring meeting.

We start off with some sparkling causeries bringing the participants in the right atmosphere.
Then we spread out in four or more groups where we will find new paths, strategies and tools, that are drawn and written down.

Inspired by the Make the Future topics:

  • Life in Creation
  • Circular Life
  • Human Technology
  • Digital Life

Designers and artists are boosting the process with artistic stimuli and registrations.
Gradually there is a bubble and drinks situation.
All this culminates in a festive buffet where mind and body are refreshed.
To participate in this MAD 20 afternoon 2.30 pm – 6.30 pm the damage is a contribution of 20 Euros.
We sincerely hope to welcome you as a friend and participant: sign up here!

Take a stroll through 20 years of MAD – Exhibition

May 22 – 24, at the exhibition 20 years MAD, you can take a stroll through MAD’s history and reflect on exciting projects realised over the past 20 years.
Highlights of this exhibition are excerpts from the legendary Image Radio Festivals, PULS, Hacking the City, Play the Future and a great number of art installations.
For more information and registration, please visit our website.

Press release

Museum Kids Factory

museum kids factory logo

Philips museum organizes the Museum Kids Factory (28 April / 3 May) in collaboration with MAD emergent art center. Children from 6 years are challenged to craft small projects, experiment with interactive installations and play with electronics. New things to learn by doing and discovering exciting activities for inquisitive minds.
Visitors are invited to explore and be active with a number of systems, tools and toys. Activities such as “Spell your Future”, Oculus Rift, construction sticks, Lego Mindstorms and a nice collection of Philiform: Philips developed in 1968 with the aim to expand the range of construction and experimental boxes for younger ages.


Oculus Rift
A special experience in the Museum Kids Factory at the Philips museum is the “Oculus Rift. Oculus Rift is a virtual reality glasses. With this special glasses experience the environment as enormously really pass you pull that it is indistinguishable from the unreal world. And conversely makes VR goggles sure you loggerhead virtual world of a game for example, can not be distinguished from the real world. The result: the ultimate virtual experience for children and adults of all ages.


3D printing
An additional experience provides 3D printing and 3D drawing on laptop or iPad (bring it yourself!) with Doodle3D. This is made possible in collaboration with the 3D shop for 3Dprinting in Eindhoven Lay3rs.

Admission to the Philips museum is also ticket to the Museum Kids Factory.

Philips museum
Emmasingel 31
5611 AZ Eindhoven

Museum Kids Factory is from 28 April till 3 May
Open 1:00 pm till 5:00 pm

Yougi Zoekt

On 8 April a workshop was organized in Gorinchem for the finals of Yougi Zoekt. A production of YouTech.

The finalists were supported by MAD emergent art center.