GreenDragons Hackathon


Game! to save the Planet!

How to transform a dull course into an exciting roll-playing game?

Commit your qualities as a programmer or designer and use them in a roll-playing game for sustainability education. The game was represented and developed within the context of the EPT (European Permaculture Teachers) partnership program.

The hackathon was about conceptualizing and executing a storyline, that could be instantly playable as a boardgame.
The ambition of the second track was a module for Neverwinter Nights (Aurora engine).
We target to have this game ready at the end of the event. (EDIT: To be continued…)

Some of the most important challenges were to determine classes, objects and interactions that make the understanding of ‘permaculture ethics’ as well as ‘designing principles’ possible.

More information about the program.

When: Friday 12th October 2012 van 10AM through 10PM.
Where: MADlab, Vestdijk 280, Eindhoven
Telephone +3140 2133032
Contact and subscribtions:
Prize: € 15 pp (including lunch & diner)