Paradigma – Serious Gaming & Forumdiscussion


Various kind of professionals (professors, designers, CEO’s) host and recite the Forum Serious Gaming in the Public Library of Eindhoven, The Witte Dame. A live demo of the gamification project and access to the exposition is the catch.

Thursday May 16th from 19:00hrs – 22:00hrs
Witte Dame, Emmasingel 22, 5611AZ Eindhoven
-Admission Free-

Serious Gaming is the public exposition from 10th – 16th of May 2013 in Witte Dame library.

MAD emergent art center presents a program about serious gaming, indicated in the knowledge platform Paradigma, concerning an exposition and access to a forumdiscussion on thursday May 16th (19:30hrs) in the library of Eindhoven.

What can be acquired from playing a game?

Homo Ludens writer/historian Johan Huizinga wrote in this book (Man the Player): “Man only plays when in the full meaning of the word he is a man, and he is only completely a man when he plays.” A game is an efficient tool to achieve change and deepening. The experience can be used to bring awareness and change about in both attitude and behavior. The gamer can research and develop the field of virtual training in a safe environment and afford to make mistakes. It’s quite clear now that gaming has become a serious business: the applications are mixed and vari from education in a gaming environment to the practising of public services at terrorist attacks by intelligence and military services.

Inspired by this subject artists, scientists, designers, philosophers and writers constitute a program where meeting, exchange of information and development of new ideas are the focal point.
Are you an expert or just interested in serious gaming? Everybody (institution, collective or individually) can make a proposition for an exhibition, lecture, debate that associates with this program.

Do you want to share your idea? Please email