Play the Future – City Lab


Play the Future is a public project that searches solutions for social innovation utilised with an integrated techno-art design process.

During the Dutch Technology Week (DTW) we have developed three activities:

1. Science Hack Day Eindhoven. From May 31st through June 1st at Fontys colleges, Rachelsmolen Eindhoven. Click here for more info please.

2. Exposition Stadslab in library the Witte Dame from May 31st through June 7th. Partly shown in the Evoluon during TED-X Brainport on June 4th. Installations, prototypes and an allegory of the city as a living organism where all parties team up for a common goal: innovation.

3. Forum discussion Stadslab – June 6th, Library the Witte Dame 20:00 – 22:00 hrs. Performing science with the potentiality of the city through transparancy and dynamic information.

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