Play the Future: Play City

Meer informatie over Play City:

Play City featured by the Play the Future exposition: Scenario City is a new concept. It’s a physical interactive facility where local data/information is being projected in layars and processes in combination with related image- and audible media. The public area and the activities in the city will be observed in bird’s eye view, simultaneously manipulated and researched. This enables the possibility to view and experience interactively through time and space, sharing information and ideas to be attached to the system.

Play City manifests a programm to manipulate the subject health, focused on a characteristic district in Eindhoven (Vaartbroek). The game-element of the project consists of being able to build with present objects from layars, like for instance schools, playgrounds, trees, shops, busstops, and so on. The professional visitor is made clear what the combination of geo-information, population data, health data acompanied by video, audio and image yields on experience, insight, but also what the interaction with data and media permits.

For this purpose Play City is the core, the first installation/facility that is developed for and in the CityLab. It is an open, creative and inspiring platform for innovation where organisations and individuals will be able to internationalize new technological possibilities in their cultures by committing creatives (artists, designers, architects, engineers,…).



Dropstuff On the Catharinaplein in Eindhoven stands a 60 m² screen. Receive a message through bluetooth and text your message back, and your message will appear on this screen. Dropstuff