We have a situation! Eindhoven

We have a situation! is a series of live, trans-border, online-offline participatory performances addressing current cross-cultural European issues.

Between March and May 2013 four “situations” will be created in four European cities – London, Eindhoven, Nantes and Graz – with each “situation” involving a 5-day workshop and a final networked event taking place at a local venue and simultaneously
streamed live through the online platform UpStage.

Each situation is directly chosen, devised and developed by local people in each city in collaboration with lead artist Helen Varley Jamieson (Germany/NZ) and the project partners – APO33 (FR), Furtherfield (UK), MAD emergent art center (NL) and Schaumbad Freies Atelierhaus Graz (AT).

During the 5 day workshop participants are invited to share and explore ideas around the chosen theme and develop a performance using storytelling, materials, found objects, digital tools and anything they feel is relevant to the story they want to tell. At the event participants will present their chosen situation to online-offline audiences and together they will participate in discussions across European national borders that imagine creative solutions and alternatives to the issues raised. The process aims to bring people together in a creative event and foster an understanding of countries as communities of people, with many commonalities.

London (UK) – 19-23 March 2013
Nantes (FR) – 9-13 April 2013
Eindhoven (NL) – 15-18 April 2013
Graz (AT) – 17-22 May 2013

Live links to the performances and more information are available at wehaveasituation.net

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UpStage 121212

121212 UpStage Festival of Cyberformance

The 121212 UpStage Festival of Cyberformance will take place 5-12 December 2012 and consist of two parts:

>>> “Walking backwards into the future” – a program of 19 remounted cyberformances from the past five festivals (5-11 December)

>>> “Testing – 1 2, 1 2, 1 2″ – new works in UpStage and other networked platforms (12 December).

Marking a turning point in what has become an annual event, 121212 is the last year that we can use this date format, and also this year we hope to see the launch of a new engine for the UpStage platform, DownStage, extending the possibilities of what we can do.

We have opened up the festival to artists creating cyberformance in platforms other than UpStage, as there are now many other interesting platforms, and this has resulted in an excellent range of proposals.

The programme of online performances, which can be watched from internet-connected computers anywhere in the world, will be augmented by “real-life access nodes” in numerous locations. Here is the link to information about hosting a node and email zn.gro.egatspu@ofni if you are interested. The 121212 nodes will be announced later in the year.

Diagram for shows in Eindhoven

2pm    BABBLE
Platform: Second Life

2.30pm    Shadows XXX
Platform: Tap     

3pm     A plunge in the pool
Platform: UpStage

3.30pm     Good Water III: Synchronicity
Platform: Tap

4pm    Since the end of the World
Platform: Tap

4.30pm     BABBLE
Platform: Second Life

5pm     Merry Crisis & a Happy New Fear
Platform: Tap

5.30pm    Deltap:
Nodes Welcome, hosted by Alberto Vazquez, Buenos Aires; with APO33 (Nantes), Bikeshed Theatre (Exeter) and MADLAB (Eindhoven)
Platform: Tap

6pm     Senses Places
Platform: Second Life

6.30     Land Platform
Platform: Tap

7pm     ANGRY
Platform: Mosaika.tv

7.30pm      Excavating Desire – Fouilles pour le Désire
Platform: Tap

8pm     Moving Mountains
Platform: Second Life

8.30pm     a plunge in the pool
Platform: UpStage

9pm     Stratosphukic Storm
Platform: UpStage

9.30pm     Oceans Between Sound – Ethernet Orchestra
Platform: Nicecast & Visitors Studio
Follow this link to the schedule and time converters.
Download the media release announcing the schedule here.

We Have a situation…

A series of live, trans-border, online-offline participatory performances


We have a situation! is a series of live, trans-border, online-offline participatory performances addressing current cross-cultural European issues.

“There is no use in deceiving ourselves with hope. Our most effective course is to confront the situation as it is, and if it is still bad, to acknowledge the badness, trusting in the truth as the premise of any improvement, and feeling a new security because of the very fact that we have met and verified the worst.” – Clement Greenberg, The collected Essays and Criticism, vol.2, Arrogant Purpose, p192.

During the first quarter of 2013, networked performances will take place at local venues and simultaneously in the online platform UpStage, sharing stories across European national borders and posing questions that creatively frame a specific situation.

After each performance, audiences connecting online in real time will participate in discussions that imagine creative solutions to the situation. This process aims to bring people together in a creative event and foster an understanding of countries as communities of people, with many commonalities.

Four “situations” will be created in four countries – France, Netherlands, UK and Austria – with each ”situation” involving a 5-day workshop and the performance. Each “situation” will be transparent and the entire process made available online with the aim of producing a performance model that can be adopted and adapted by other artists and organisations for their own “situations”.

The project is supported by a grant from the European Cultural Foundation [http://www.culturalfoundation.eu]

Partners :

APO33: interdisciplinary artist-run laboratory and Platforme Intermédia/La Fabrique: Space for experimental arts in Nantes, France (www.apo33.org)

MAD emergent art center: artist-led laboratory, platform and provider of emergent art in Eindhoven, Netherlands (www.madlab.nl)

Furtherfield: media arts collective and gallery space for art, technology and social change in London, UK (www.furtherfield.org)

Schaumbad Freies Atelierhaus Graz

Lead artist Helen Varley Jamieson (Germany/NZ) will work with participants at each location, and developer/artist Martin Eisenbarth (Germany) will provide technical support for the online platform, UpStage (www.upstage.org.nz/blog), enhancing it to meet the artistic needs of the project.