Make The Future

Design by and for fantasy

The Make the Future program is a bold attempt to bring dreamed future and actual reality closer to reconcile with the aim to develop a higher consciousness in relation to the future of our world. This enables residents, businesses , community organizations and governments to think more free and better informed future-oriented decision and action . Interactively visible and tangible drafts, fantasies and dreams makes inspiration and participation of a wide audience as possible.

The concept Serious Science Fiction is developed in a program that focuses on the links between fantasy and reality in the context of technological and social innovation.

The rapid development of new technology applications have great influence on the social and societal situation . This calls for adaptability and flexibility that are not obvious . Our culture , our social – and economic – and social models are not set to automatically move with the rapidly changing circumstances.

But there are possibilities : both artists and scientists are able to anticipate this with innovative solutions and concepts , and to act as a catalyst and mediator. This they fulfill a social role that historically is not new , but in the light of current developments has never been so urgent and significant.

Innovatively applying 21st century knowledge and technological achievements in the social / civic matters delivers great untapped potential. Social Media, Open software – hardware , cheap electronics, Open Data , Broadband internet etc , but also systemic changes offer a potential disruptive innovations that fundamental changes – but also small and practical solutions – possible.