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“The proper artistic response to digital technology is to embrace it as a new window on everything that’s eternally human, and to use it with passion, wisdom, fearlessness and joy.” – Ralph Lombreglia

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  What is MAD? Foundation MAD (Multi-Disc Art, 1995) was established as an artists initiative and has become a very active organization with enthusiastic volunteers, each with their own specialization, which develop connections between art, science and technology. MAD acts as a laboratory, platform and provider of Emergent Art: art that arises from the tension between cultural – and cutting-edge technology. MAD maintains its interfaces as large as possible and focuses on artists, designers, scientists, technologists, public interest groups, educational institutions, governments and businesses. This takes place both regionally, nationally and internationally. The use of networks like the Internet, ICT and new media offer the possibility to represent interactive research, development, presentation, production, distributions, and discussions that are accessible for public. Activities are being developed in three levels:

  • MADlab: laboratory for technology and art
  • MADnet: platform for artists, scientists en technologists
  • MADpub: presentation of emergent art



Transparancy of technology

Unlike anybody else, artists are capable of experimenting with technology in an open-minded, independent way and toying with the effects of technology on society and culture and develop this. The growing distance between civilians and technological state-of-the-art makes it necessary for artists to offer qualitatively high grade resistance.

Autonomous technoculture

Eindhoven is a strong region as far as technology and design are concerned. However, there’s insufficient contact between artists and technologists. On a European and global scale, the strength of Eindhoven’s technology-status isn’t credible without a well-developed social-cultural support. Striving must be to join forces on the creative field to stimulate the cultural implementation of technology independent of bureaucratically-economically steered relations.

Activating synergy

Knowledge, creativity and curiosity are [in combination] a very strong factor for innovation. These qualities occur above average with scientists as well as with artists. By letting these groups work and experiment together, unprecedented possibilities come forward. Developing the best of these two worlds in togetherness will give new impulses to both art and technology.


Website hosting: Open Kunst Net ( OK-Net is an Open Art Net for public, artists and creative-media producers. Sponsoring: Municipality of Eindhoven, Grafico De Poost, Mazars Accountancy and fiscal services Design, coding, concepts, content: Leo Bakx, Monique Priem, René Jeronimus, René Paré, Pieter Kok, Daan Dobbelsteen, Dennis Glaser, Tinus Schoenmakers, Edwin van Eck, Ruud Crommentuijn, Teun van der Zalm, Paul Zuurveen, Ans Vania, Richard Witvoet, Frank Manders.  MAD is a not-for-profit organization. We welcome gifts and provide help to make donations tax free. An attractive sponsor program is available on request.

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  1. MAD says:

    […] MAD (artikel 9) Er zijn in Nederland genoeg instanties die zich bezig houden met Nieuwe mediakunst en alles wat daar mee te maken heeft. Stichting MAD is daar een goed voorbeeld van. Deze organisatie fungeert als platform voor kunstenaars, ontwerpers, wetenschappers, publiek en andere doelgroepen. Er worden regelmatig evenementen en activiteiten georganiseerd. Kijk voor meer informatie op de site van MAD. […]

  2. […] je Toekomst wordt georganiseert door MadLab, een organisatie die onder andere kunst en technologie samenbrengt en met met een positieve blik […]

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