Forum Transitorium

Forum Transitorium I and II

On the threshold in the transformation of Strijp-S commenced by utilizing the Klokgebouw, Glasgebouw and the Apparatenfabriek (building SK), the closed off industrial Philips-complex is evolving into a trendy and creative midpoint. An exclusive inspiring place to be. To work… and to live.

Gerard and Anton
The Hoge Rug (Eng: high ridge) consists of two white buildings, namely Gerard and Anton, as seen from the Beukenlaan. Two historical monuments, build in 1928 by Philips, utilized as assembly factories. For many decades radio’s have been produced here whereupon the assembly, storage and administration eventually converted the buildings as to the present day realizing loft units in the Anton and Gerard buildings. Objectively the transfer of this project is estimated throughout October 2012. The lofts will be available as of January 2013.
The ground floor of these two buildings urges to perceive an inspiring entrance. On these premises all functions will draw public attention and appeal livelihood in general. On the first floor in part loft units will be build and other functions like ateliers, offices and possibly shortstay conveniences are supplementary. The second floor all the way to the sixth floor will be exclusively adjusted as loft units for civilian use.

Audible Art
Both Gerard and Anton will be leveled to the ground. The idea is to enplace soundsystems in the underpass for the adjustment of audible art. Two independent installations will feed the ceiling speakers that provide a soundscape which can move sounds through the entire reach! The audible artist is able to use and adjust an open hardware platform, which he or she can provide with software on basis of individual insight. The core attachment of the installation is to the environment, the function and dynamics of the area at any given moment. The aspiration is to enhance creative quality to the location, the buildings and the activities in a way that justifies the innovative legacy of Strijp-S concerning the media.

assignment description
draft design
computer simulation

Source: Trudo

Call for Interest: Interactive soundscape Anton&Gerard

Gerard and Anton are the first two white buildings of the Hoge Rug on Strijp-S, Eindhoven, as seen from the Beukenlaan. Currently dedicated effort is being carried out to the realization of the loft units in these buildings. The completion date is objected through October 2012. MAD emergent art center is launching a ‘call for interest’ in bringing about audible art to the ground floor of the Anton and Gerard buildings.

The underpass, as wel as the entrance of the buildings will be supplied with a soundsystem to produce audible art. There are two independent installation involved with a speakersystem attached to the ceiling to provide a soundscape that move the acoustic through the room. The audible artist is able to use and adjust an open hardware platform, he or she can provide with software on basis of individual insight on the premises. The aspiration is to enhance creative quality to the location.

From the reactions there will be a selection of three audible artists to propose a design. Eventually one person will receive the assignment.

Seeker Workshop Eindhoven

Workshop dag 1

Workshop dag 1

De caravans

De caravans

Join us for a co-creation session of the new Seeker project for the Dutch Design Week! Interested in building a spaceship using campers? Interested in learning more about aquaponics and interior gardening? All of this will be explored during a two-day creative session.

When: We’ll start the session at 09.00 am Thursday and Friday the 3th and 4th of October.
Location: the Schellens Fabriek; Vestdijk 280, 5617 BA Eindhoven.

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Play the Future: Scenario City

 Button Scenario City

Scenario City is a division of Play the Future and can soon be attended during the Dutch Design Week 2013 in Eindhoven from the 19th until the 27th of October.

Innovation and development are in our present-day world at the helm of an ever changing way of life. The city of the future is acquainted with many possible interpretations under the influence of progressive technology. These uncharted waters are temporarily being advised by futurologists although artists and scientists are likewise engaged in the potentials of the next city from a creative, innovative or even speculative point of view.  Also filmmakers, authors and game developers hold out a wide range of possible scenarios, like for instance A Clockwork Orange, Matrix, Avatar, Metropolis, 1984, Minority Report…

The event consists of an exposition, a film and game programm and a Forum. All activities are free of charge.

More information about Scenario City is available at

PolderHack – Agri Meets Design


On October the 25th and 26th the very first PolderHack will take place during the 2013 Dutch Design Week. All along the Polderhack dataknights and pesants compete side by side to smarten up our foodsystem using open data. The PolderHack is a segment of the Agri meets Design (AgmD) venture. More information about datasets and registration can be found here:


ØRNEN 1897


11th of July 1897, Spitsbergen. Three men lifted off in a zeppelin for an expedition to the North Pole. They were convinced that this is the only way to triumph the polar ice. But they are never to be seen again.

20th of September 2013, Eindhoven. These three men would pay their tribute to these expeditioners with art, music, film and literature. The Eyecatcher is a 35 meter long and 4,5 meter wide zeppelin made of plaited willow wood, the `skeleton of a dream`.

ØRNEN 1897 is a multimedia installation in hall B of the Klokgebouw in EINDHOVEN and it is a project of George De Decker, Guido De Bruyn and Peter Maschke. It can be visited from the 20th until the 24th of September every day from 11 a.m. till 6 p.m. and on Friday the 20th down to 10 p.m.

Adress: Klokgebouw 50 5617 AB Eindhoven

Sponsors: Trudo, Gemeente Eindhoven, CC Jacques Franck, 3AX asbl, SintLucas, Your Mover, Uit in Eindhoven, Van der Valk Hotel, MAD emergent art center, Canon.


MAD reaction to Flex City

Reconciliation Flex City – R. Paré – MAD emergent art center

Flex City – Commission Council Eindhoven september 10 2013

Ladies and gentlemen,

I would like to present an immediate response on the concept in hand “Flex City”, likewise in relation to the Metavisie Art & Culture and Cultuur Totaal.

I am director at MAD emergent art center, already 18 years active in the technology and art discipline, and I am delighted to hear that this innovative note is opened for a debate.

The desirable and intended increase of integration and particitation of art and culture in the society, economy and education avails at public discussions.
 By exchanging information, ideas, opinions people are being engaged and entrained in new developments.

The immediate cause gave rise to bring forth a contribution.

The development of Cultuur Totaal and the Metavisie have mastered our continuing consent and participation to the development of it. The effect of this substantive vision in an implementation plan has resulted in the Flex City concept.
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Play the Future: Seeker Project


Seeker in de Bergkerk Deventer

Seeker is a trekking interdependent spaceship project initiated by artist / scientist Angelo Vermeulen (1973). It will be exhibited as part of the Dutch Design Week (19 – 27 October) Play the Future: Scenario City project at the library of the Witte Dame. The project will endure a refreshing realization on every new location due to the assistance with an interdisciplinary team of artists, designers, engineers, students, sci-fi fans, DIY devotees, etc. The project will be accompanied by experimenting research into the integration of technological, ecological and social systems that enable long-term survival in a spaceship.

The standard module that is being used is a travel trailer, that is actually nothing more than an archetype of a self-contained exploration vehicle, hence the related aspects to the spaceship. By connecting a series of travel trailers an affordable space-architecture will be created. Several inspirational sources will be employed, such as existing space-stations, the Luc Deleu container and the architecture of the twentieth century metabolism movement.

Vermeulen attempts to realize an inhibited environment to operate with a maximum independency from the outside world. This semi-autonomous system is made possible by various technological (energy-, water-, food- and oxygen supply, furniture, sanitary, etc.) and ecological solutions (systems to grow organic food, such as hydroponics, aquaponics, germinating, etc.).


Play the Future: Play City

Meer informatie over Play City:

Play City featured by the Play the Future exposition: Scenario City is a new concept. It’s a physical interactive facility where local data/information is being projected in layars and processes in combination with related image- and audible media. The public area and the activities in the city will be observed in bird’s eye view, simultaneously manipulated and researched. This enables the possibility to view and experience interactively through time and space, sharing information and ideas to be attached to the system.

Play City manifests a programm to manipulate the subject health, focused on a characteristic district in Eindhoven (Vaartbroek). The game-element of the project consists of being able to build with present objects from layars, like for instance schools, playgrounds, trees, shops, busstops, and so on. The professional visitor is made clear what the combination of geo-information, population data, health data acompanied by video, audio and image yields on experience, insight, but also what the interaction with data and media permits.

For this purpose Play City is the core, the first installation/facility that is developed for and in the CityLab. It is an open, creative and inspiring platform for innovation where organisations and individuals will be able to internationalize new technological possibilities in their cultures by committing creatives (artists, designers, architects, engineers,…).


Crowd Scenting the City of Nantes


During the two days lasting ElectroPixel festival the city of Nantes got spoiled with a new sensation. The citizens of Nantes could choose a scent on the internet that would be spread through town. A bike (MADbike) was able to produce bubble bells thanks to solar energy, the bubbles contained a scent that could be chosen on a Facebook page. The installation was a scoop in its current condition, after the prototype was designed and tested during the Dutch Design Week Eindhoven (Hacking the city).


concept: René Paré, 
design & construction: Eric Sprik,
MAD emergent art center

The mobile installation traveled through Nantes on the 22nd and the 23rd of August, following this specific route: 
More information about the festival:

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