European Maker Day Eindhoven


Celebrating European Maker Week, MAD organizes a special Maker Day at Ontdekfabriek on June 5!

This outdoor microfestival is free and open for all. Several Makers demonstrate and interact with young and old to inspire and share the knowledge.

Make your day on June 5!

Opening Hours: 11 AM – 5 PM (11:00 – 17:00 uur)
Address: Torenallee 22, 5617 BD Eindhoven

Rabo Kunst op de Dommel

Rabo Kunst op de Dommel (‘Art at the Dommel’) wants to make you aware of the exceptional force of renewable energy sources. Via technical innovations we can already use this energy, for example to make music! From the 22nd of May till the 5th of June, various artworks are inspired by energy, technology and music to bring you the music of the Dommel. The works of art are located in and around the river, connecting the High Tech Campus with the Eindhoven University of Technology. This route of artworks consists of sound producing, music making, moving and squeaking installations that will draw your attention to come closer. Follow the river,and listen to the positive energy of the Dommel! Click here for further information and the schedule.


Living Data City Challenge 2016


smart society playground

challenge’s program main event:

Hackathon – March 19 + 20

Registration is open!

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Science Hack Day Eindhoven 2016

header2016This legendary extravaganza of creative inquisitive and pranking approach of Science and Technology is happening in Eindhoven during the weekend of 21 and 22 May 2016.
Young and Eager professionals, engineers, developers, students, artists, designers, hackers, marketeers gather and compete in small teams to win eternal fame, discover their unknown skills, experience the seriousness of having fun together.

Some preliminary inspiration can be found here:

For full information on the program, venue, registration and more keep an eye on the Science Hack Day Eindhoven website.

Make the Future – Art & Science Salon


• Maria Kapteijns – Kunstenaar
• Bauke de Vries – Wetenschapper
met moderator
• Jan Schevers

Donderdag 28 januari 2016 – 20:00 uur – Van Abbehuis

Art & Science Salon 01-2016

De grens tussen kunst en wetenschap is allang niet meer strikt gescheiden – maar waar ligt nu het gemeenschappelijke gebied?
Tot aan de zomer zal in een serie van avonden een aantal kunstenaars en wetenschappers met elkaar in gesprek gaan over hun fascinaties en drijfveren. De avonden hebben ieder een centraal thema waaromheen het gesprek plaats vindt.

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LoraWan Eindhoven Tech & Sensor Workshop

IMG_2736 kl EHV gateways januari 2016 kl The Meetup on Wednesday January 13, 2016 was maybe a historic one. As someone from the participants said: This is the last time we can see the map of Eindhoven with only four Lora Gateways active.

Some 42 people joined and participated in the gathering, listening to updates from local and national communities and pioneers, and indulging in projects of various kind demonstrated by members of the community. From SODAQ demo to Arduino Workshop and custom nodes and gateways.

Jan van Loenen – SODAQ – presented the sensor and node modules and components they developed; core market rural areas around the world where there is need for wireless low power long distance sensor communication.

In Eindhoven the combined power of knowledge, experience and resources is such that we can scale up the deployment of the LoraWan system quite fast.

Here is more information.

Interrupting the City

On January 7, 2016 MAD participated in the launch of this dialogue and debate series, as part of the Cultural Programme during the Netherlands presidency of the EU 2016. See for more information about the overall programme also

Art and design can and does affect society. It puts matters in perspective, reflects, initiates changes, but also comes up with innovative, practical solutions for real problems. In three sessions artists, designers, policy makers, managers, cultural entrepreneurs and researchers discuss the impact of art on a rapidly changing world.

The first dialogue was centralised around the theme set by the new book Interrupting the cityArtistic Constitutions of the Public Sphere (Valiz, 2015) edited by Bax, Gielen en Ieven.

MobiHack – improve the traffic in Heijendaal!

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Internet of Things – LoRaWAN Tech Workshop

Eindhoven IoT_picture

LoRaWAN Tech Workshop

On Wednesday 9 December MADspace collaborated with Eindhoven Internet of Things and brought the Local Things Network to the next level. We got together, talked and built the latest developments related to Internet of Things.

Everyone got busy tinkering; a number of SODAQ sensors, Arduino’s and sensor components was available.

The time to join forces and connect the city is now, there will be much more LoRaWAN activities in coming time. Join this growing group of developers, hackers, designers to make this bottom up network come alive.

Follow the LoRaWAN-network through this website, and through the MADspace– or Eindhoven Internet Of Things Meetups.