BrabantKennis presents Trendnacht 2015 : Robots!

Trendnacht Robots background

Robots aren’t Science Fiction anymore and in Brabant robots are used more and more often: in agriculture, in industry and in health care. However, this is just the beginning. MAD emergent art center  the robot society with a workshop during Trendnacht – Trends Night- 2015: ROBOTS!

Robots will not only work for us, but also with us. There is a robot society in the making! We had a Dream Your Future workshop, a dynamic activity where easy accessible high-and low tech robotics was presented.

We had a diversity of simple electronics and robotics-models which showed how easy and impressive this technology is. From toys to modeling and DIY robots you can create in your kitchen: there were numerous nifty robotics subjects.

MAD offers businessmen, polcity makers, creators, innovators students and interested civilians a platform to experience new technologies.


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Hack Glow : Playground for techies


HackGlow is a junior hackathon for youth aged 8-16. The goal is to playfully motivate youth with technology, and allow them to create personal light-projects that are  presented during the Glow-festival.

On Frida 13 November we present the public presentation!
From 19:00 hours till around 21:00 hours the Portiersloge Strijp-S is our showroom for Hack Glow!

Museum Kids Factory

museum kids factory logo

Visitors from 6 years and up are invited to discover  by actively work  with  installations, tools and technical toys.  Activities such as Enchant YourFuture, Oculus  Rift, sticks and rubber bands, Lego Mindstorms allow everyone to get acquainted with technique in a  playfull manner.

The ticket for the Philips museum allows access to the Museum Kids Factory.

Philips Museum
Emmasingel 31
5611 AZ Eindhoven

The Museum Kids Factory is open from 27 October to 1 November,daily from 13.00 to 17.00 hours. 


Super Meetup IoT in VDMA MATCH

The Internet of Things Future is Today


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

7:00 PM

Vestdijk 27, Eindhoven

Join this Dutch Design Week Super Meetup bringing together: Eindhoven Internet of Things | Lean Startup Eindhoven | Open Eindhoven | MADspace

Things are becoming connected: Things are gathering information, They are talking to each other and They are talking to us! Today it is time for us to have an influence over how these technologies can (and will) develop value and meaning for us in the future; for people, for communities, for our cities and our environment.

Today a new crowdsourced, Open Data City Network is emerging: LoRaWAN, promising low-cost, low-power, low-bitrate, wide-area, Internet of Things City connectivity. Started in Amsterdam just a few months ago with The Things Network, it is spreading rapidly around the Globe

We kicked-off just a few weeks ago in Eindhoven, a community is forming and within a few weeks the first LoRaWAN sensors were connected ! And now, just 4 weeks later the Eindhoven LoRaWAN Internet of Things network will be launched. The start of a journey . . . where will it lead us?

Held in the middle of an inspiring Make The Future – Internet of Things exhibition VDMA MATCH by MadLab At the VDMA Garage, Vestdijk 27, Eindhoven 19.00 – 21.30

We kick the evening off with short presentations to inspire discussion and challenge different perspectives of our Internet of Things future:

René Paré (MAD emergent art center) “VDMA MATCH, introducing the results of an Internet of Things Live Lab by MAD emergent art center”

Sander Veenhof (Internet of Anonymous Things) “If everything has turned into data. What does that mean for us humans with our analog senses?”

Lorna Goulden (Creative Innovation Works) “Get ready for disruption, why we need to THINK and CREATE differently to innovate with the Internet of Things”

Johan Stokking (Tech Lead at The Things Network) “Current developments in The Things Network”

Oscar Kneppers (Rockstart) “What does this all mean for startups and entrepreneurs ?”

We will then briefly present the results of the recent LoRaWAN Technical Meetup to get the Eindhoven IoT network up and running
 before we open up for the remainder of the evening to discuss and network, explore the Make The Future – Internet of Things exhibition and share ideas for the next phase of actions that will influence our future

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(Nederlands) Make The Future – Hide And Seek

Sorry, this entry is only available in Dutch.


Sorry, this entry is only available in Dutch.

Make the Future – Internet of Things


17-25 October – VDMA MATCH

Presentation of groundbreaking developments  and concepts in field of Internet Of Things

Which amazing applications can can we expect, and what is the usefulness ?

Artists,  designers, software developers,engineers and architects make use of the Internet of Things to look for creative solutions.

Make the Future combines concepts, speculations and prototypes from separate worlds into a new dimension. From science fiction videoto wearables and from artistic  interventions to empatic appliances

Participating  artists  and initiatives are among others BEEPLE; GOGBOT; KEIICHI MATSUDA; CITIZEN DATA LAB; GEERT MUL; SANDER VEENHOF; TANNE VAN BREE; BY-WIRE; DESIS; SHI QIU; YU ZHANG and many more!

The Things Network has begun to set up a revolutionary  Open Source sensor network in  Amsterdam. During the Dutch Design Week the kick off plans for the Eindhoven region. There will be a SuperMeetUp event Wednesday October 21st.

The exposition and presentation of the Make  The Future – Internet of Things opens daily  from 11:00 – 23:00 uur. Free entrance.

Address:  VDMA/ MATCH: Vestdijk 27, Eindhoven



20 years of MAD

Exhibition: 3 – 25  October – Albert Van Abbehuis, Bilderdijklaan 19, Eindhoven

From 3 unil 25 October the exhibition to celebrate 20 years of MAD will be shown: you can take a stroll through MAD’s history and reflect on exciting projects realised over the past 20 years.
Take your friends and familiy to this amazing MAD 20 event in the Albert Van Abbehuis.

Highlights of this exhibition are excerpts from the legendary Image Radio Festivals, PULS, Hacking the City, Play the Future and a great number of art installations. The exposition is a trip down memory lane but MAD also offers a glimpse on future technologies with the Make  The Future : Internet of Things lab/exhibit.

Internet of Things – open network

We have started to create an Internet of Things – Open Source Sensor Data Network.

The network is building upon The Things Network that launched in Amsterdam mid-2015.

The network uses a technology called LoraWAN, that enables to transmit small packages of data over long distance, at very low energy and money cost. Coming weekend there will be a hackathon from 13:00 – 18:00 as part of the Make The Future – Internet of Things exposition. This dynamic event is the first hands-on event with a LoRaWAN network in Eindhoven!

More information can be found below:


Eindhoven Internet of Things

Eindhoven, NL
250 Members

This a group for anyone interested in building, designing, sharing and making the Internet of Things. Aiming to meet at least once a month to introduce inspiring practitioners…

Check out this Meetup Group →



  • Super Meetup IoT Eindhoven: 21 October , Wednesday evenening there will be a very large IoT event as part of MATCH DDW. More info will be soon available!

The Things Network