Flora Fauna Hack 23 & 24 May

The Flora Fauna Hack in Wageningen provided the first hacks to make the world a better place. Solutions to challenges appeared concerning sustainability, climate, nature and biodiversity.

Take the Treefie app that comprehences monumental trees by creating a social experience arround them. My iGuana, saving the alsmost extincted iguana by making it a friend instead of eating them or Potata that allows neighbours to grow vegetables, fruits and plants by sharing their gardens.

Please check out this photo-album on Flickr, and this photo-album too if you will.
You may also want to take a look at the Flora Fauna Hack Video on YouTube!
Watch all provisions including the video pitches!


Flora Fauna Hack



Hackathon Spring Season 2014

Unprecedented revelations by nature find new branches and deliver new generations. Creativity and dynanism are challenged to manifest in special ways. There are a few hackathons on our sleeve that are focussed on subjects where you can win an entire world. To become a 21st century hero, explorer or inventor you take your chance right here. Save the date and take note!

Flora Fauna Hack – 23 + 24th of May, Wageningen University.  Read more.

Age Hack – 6 + 7th of June, Van Abbemuseum Eindhoven

Science Hack Day Eindhoven – 30 + 31 August, GASLAB TU/e Eindhoven

Would you like to participate, making a contribution, exploring sponsorship opportunities, becoming a partner or volunteer?
Please get in contact with MADburo.

Eindhoven Mini Maker Fare

On Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 March 2014 two days of family-friendly making-, crafting-, learning-, inventing-, and creating-activities will take place in the Klokgebouw in Eindhoven which are conducted within the framework of the Maker Days. Be inspired by art, crafts, engineering, science and technology makers from the Eindhoven region. And don’t be afraid to join one of the many workshops!

Read more about the program!

Logo Eindhoven Mini Maker Faire


Fundraising Coordinator volunteer / internship

MAD Emergent Art Center is currently looking for a Fundraising Coordinator. The workplace relates to public events such as exhibitions, hackathons, forum discussions and workshops.

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National Congress Open Data Eindhoven


The Third National Congress Open Data, entitled in a Dutch saying – Met Je Neus Op De Feiten – (Eng: to wake up and smell the roses) – was held on the 28th of February at the Eindhoven City Hall.

NCOD Raadzaal by MADlab

Open Data Themes

Among the wide range of developments in the field of Open Data, three themes were extracted to explore:

Smart City (mobility, energy, health)

Within these themes we carried on with technical standards, handy portals, Linked Open Data, Big Data, etc.


The one-day conference offered a full scope which was recessed in the parallel sessions. Moreover, there were three special Keynotes featured by Carlo van de Weijer (TomTom) and Arjan El Fassed (OpenEstate Foundation).

In the attractive setting of the Eindhoven City Hall not only an excellent lunch but also some side-events were organized to make it useful and enjoyable.

Read more about the program and registration.


Apps for Eindhoven



During Apps for Eindhoven Challenge 2014 civil servants, data wizards, hackers, designers and creative people fought side by side with Open Data, information and knowledge our city Eindhoven smarter and better.

The Apps for Eindhoven is won by Natasje Paulssen (Dutch Rose Media) with the App: Onze Stad (Eng: our city). This is a mobile platform enhanced by pattern recognition that provides information about the area you’re in.


Charm your Future! at Food & Shop Festival

 Urban Shopper

MAD emergent art center organizes “Tover je Toekomst” (Eng: charm your future)– workshops especially for childeren during the “Food & Shop” festival on Sunday January 19th in the Urban Shopper (Strijp-S) Eindhoven.
The free workshops “Tover je Toekomst” are memorable experiences for childeren between 6 – 14 years old. There are two types of workshops:
the first one is the drawing workshop and the second one is for crafting. The childeren are working together in small groups.
1. DRAWING  – workshop for drawing your dreams, wishes and expectations about the future
together with professional illustrator / artist.
2. CRAFTING – workshop where you learn to work with electronics for building phantasy creatures.
When: January 19th  2014, 12:00 – 17:00 hours
Where: Food & Shop festival
Address : Torenallee 60-02 Eindhoven
Participation “Tover je Toekomst: free for childeren 6- 14 year.
Registering : Spot register and reservation if required  

For more information, please visit or call: www.madlab.nl +31 40 2133032
Please read more about Tover je Toekomst (Dutch) and about the FeelGood Market in general.


MAD relocation!

Visiting address since 2014:

Don Boscostraat 4

5611 KW  Eindhoven

Postal address remains the same at:

Postbus 6118

5600 HC Eindhoven

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