PULS 2010 – Signals from a City

PULS 2010:

Research and experience challenging layers of the city with architects/designers/artists.

Seven designers/Artists

Topics: Light, sound, smell, tectonic, taste, data city and mindmapping

Artroutes – lectures/workshops – exposition

Upcomming events:

freiday: City Research PresentationParty  20:00h

Saturday & Sunday: layer Safari! by: Sander Veenhof (layer & augmented Reality).

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When and where

La Città Mobile – Vestdijk 133 Eindhoven

(Exposition room is in the centre of Eindhoven, near the Abbemuseum and just across Schellens.)

23 october t/m 31 october

Opening hours 12:00h tot 22:00h

Acces and participation are fully free.

for the special art-tours: mailto mad@dse.nl


The complete program list of events and time can be found on: la citt a mobile on facebook.

23 t/m 31 october: Routes, Tours and Exposition PULS 2010

25 t/m 29 october: Keynote Lecture evening program

25 t/m 29 october: Workshops

Application form: workshops

General Information

Seven designers/artists have developed a special route through the city. Starting point is La Città Mobile. The routes are also displayed by means of an exhibition about the underlying concept. Subjects: light, smell, touch, tectonics, city data and mind-mapping. In addition, there will be interesting talks, workshops and guided tours. Check this website for updated information.

A city can be read as the ever-changing plot in a book, in which composition, variability and dynamics play a key role. During DDW 2010, La Città Mobile is the centre of research into physical, social and urban space – with the city as its designed product. The research is done through workshops for students of the TU/e (Eindhoven University of Technology), international Erasmus students, and the work of artists and designers. They will filter the infinite amount of information and focus our image of the city on one or several of a multitude of aspects.

The creative process of researching and designing at an urban level will be made visible through lectures, tours, walks, exhibitions etc. A cooperative project of LCM, TU/e Faculty Architecture, Building and Planning and Puls 2010.