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Ralf Brodrück – Tectonics Henk van der Geest – Light Mario van Horrik/Petra Dubach – Sound Marije van der Park – City food Remco Roes – Mindmap Maki Ueda – Smell Sander Veenhof – Datacity

Ralf Brodrück – Tectonics

Coupled Arch

With the help of 50 helium balloons I will attempt to create a coupled arch spanning 500 meters that corresponds to the distance between the raised bridge on the canal and the ring road. Holding one end, I will walk 300 meters from the ring road toward the bridge. The resulting arch is comparable in dimensions to the St. Louis Gateway Arch by Eero Saarinen. If the weather permits I will let go one end. The resulting vertical line will rise 500 meters, as high as the Shanghai World Financial Center, the highest building in the world.

Henk van der Geest – Light

Henk focuses on lighting design based on experience and narrative. While light is often seen as a purely technical facility, it is in fact the most poetical element that we have adapted to suit our fancies. Route : The street-theatre; what elements are used for lighting public space and for more autonomous manifestations of light in architecture? Theatre stands for experience and storytelling. What role does light play, what can light add? Can we do without light?

Mario van Horrik/Petra Dubach – Sound


The artists Petra Dubach and Mario van Horrik have carried out four audio-recordings in Eindhoven; in the City Park, the Central Station, Catharina Square and Vestdijk. The recordings are played continuously, affecting four shakers via hi-fi amplifiers. Their frequencies cannot be heard and are perceived only as vibrations. The shakers are mounted on zinc sheets hung in the main hall of La Cittá Mobile, a moving testament to the four recordings, a kinetic translation of four audio environments. City Waves is the first publicly shown result of the artists’ research project WAVES.

Marije van der Park – City food

Look at Me!

(research project) Marije van der Park took us on a voyage through the city in search of edible and usable wild plants. Without our noticing, they actually contribute to the urban eco-structure. An ode to the vegetation that surrounds us, they are poetry growing from concrete surfaces, the hidden treasures of the city. We embark upon a search for these green treasures, responding to their calls of “see me-feel me-touch me” as a child would. “The city conceals a variety of ‘weeds’ that were widely used in the previous century. Today’s weeds have been feeding, clothing and benefitting us for centuries.

Remco Roes – Mindmap

Postcards from a journey

Route in La Citta Mobile Picture postcards show you the buildings you absolutely had to see while visiting a city. The Sagrada Familia, Tower Bridge or Saint Peter’s square; a multitude of cards dictating the tourist’s route in the city, from one attraction to another. The way a tourist traverses the city is defined by commercial tourism, marketing and city branding. Postcards from a Journey is a series of five cards with detailed photos of different cities. These portray a lively, ever-changing organism that is influenced by the adaptations of countless individuals, and the futile attempt of placing it on a card.

Maki Ueda – Smell

Aromascape of Eindhoven

workshop What do you smell if you walk around the City of Eindhoven? In this project we were  going to explore Eindhoven on the level of smell. What is it that we are smelling, what does it make you imagine, what does it make you feel? This course dealed with these questions through a combination of lectures, hands-on workshops with fieldworks, and a final presentation. The workshops  first focused on fieldwork and on observing the environment with the olfactory sense. You will smell a lot and learn how to communicate about smell with others, using a basic vocabulary for analyzing and expressing the character of a smell. We map the smell and texts and create [AROMASCAPE OF EINDHOVEN] Secondly we extract smells from these smelly materials: cheese burgers, old books, rubber tyres, flowers, soup, etc.

Sander Veenhof – Datacity

Layar Safari

City Route No time and/or money to travel to Africa for a wild and adventurous safari? Augmented Reality provides the solution! Experience a unique collection of wild animals now inhabiting the city of Eindhoven. Observe them using advanced contemporary mobile technology: The augmented reality browser Layar, available for iPhone 3GS/4 or Android smartphones (free download in the app store) Inside information about Layar Safari: www.sndrv.nl/layarsafari/