PULS12: Play The Future

PULS12: Play The Future


Visions and Concepts on future of Mobility, Health and Energy

Witte Dame, Library Eindhoven 20 – 28 oktober
Emmasingel 22, Eindhoven


DDW 2012

Monday-Friday 09.00AM – 08.00PM
Saturday 09.00AM – 05.00PM
Sunday 01.00PM – 05.00PM

20th October hackathon

25th October Forum discussion
26th October The Internet of Things

You can find the full program on PULS.madlab.nl


A nine-day exhibition of selected installations and presentations with relevant productions and applications. This is the inspiring start of a vibrant project.

All activities are focussed on the search for new concepts in art and science within the themes Health, Energy and Mobility.
A hackathon, workshops and presentations are enriching the exhibition.

Art Science Forum
Thursday evening October 25  scientists and artists are challenged by a moderator to express and present their visions, expectations and dreams. This confrontation and dialogue results in daring and provocative statements which are the trigger for the next phase of research and experiment.

Confrontation and dialogue between Science and Art in search of new insight and innovation.