Agile Cafe: Self Organizing

Agile Cafe: Self Organizing

18th October 2012: eXtreme Agile Cafe ‘Self Organizing’

Thursday October 18th we organized a very eXtreme Agile Cafe ‘Self Organizing’ event in the centre of Eindhoven!
This time in cooperation with internationally active XP trainer Marcin Czenko a.k.a. ‘Mr. Red-Green-Refactor’!

Marcin just finished this conference in Poland when he mailed he would like to do an enjoyable XP workshop about Self-Organization. Self-Organization is the process that emerges from chaotic systems into good cooperations. Succeeding the amusing workshop, everybody could self-organize Open Space sessions! The relaxed atmosphere was accompanied with special beer, named MADSpace beer!

Marcin Czenko is our 1st international ICT expert, mainly working in the UK and a recent speaker at ABE2012!
The session of Marcin Czenko: “My XP talk is about self-organization- but from slightly different perspective. It is more about principles than about practices. It looks at the history of management according to sciences of certainty and then looks at it again from the perspective of the sciences of uncertainty. The talk is much influenced by the work of Ralph Stacey and some other famous complexity writers. I also use my own analogies and illustrative explanations. For the workshop I will prepare with some open questions which I would like that we try to answer during the meeting: a self organizing activity!”

Thursday October 18th, from 7pm at MADSpace 

ICT Cafe: Self-Organization 

07:30PM  Marcin Czenko with practice-oriented workshop about this topic! 

08:30PM Open Space: everything self-organized! 😉