Play the Future DDW 2012 – October review

Play the Future DDW 2012 – October review

A nine-day exposition, ‘Play the Future’, transgressing the boundaries between science and the creative and artistic world. A multiannual event where design, art and technology gather and new “windows” to the future are being opened. The world is facing tremendous challenges concerning the ongoing global crisis on political, economic and ecologic level. The demands on society is being put under severe stresses; all activities behold the research for new concepts through arts and science within the themes Health, Energy and Mobility.

From the 20th until the 28th of October 2012 – An exposition of selected installations, presentations and a movie zone with relevant productions and applications. These elements serve as a baseline for an inspiring start of the exciting Play the Future project.

Play the Future Expositie DDW 2012 from MADlabNL on Vimeo.

Hack the Future is aimed at concepts for apps and webservices with Open Data from the themes Engergy, Mobility and Health.

Students, developers and artists convert to datasets to acquire working prototypes in a single day. During the event the results will be displayed on a screen supported by sheets. This makes the hackathon more like an agile-multidisciplinary-design-method. The results could be absorbed in running research at Play the Future.

Hack the Future DDW 2012 from MADlabNL on Vimeo.

Art Science Forum
Scientists Robert Zwijnenberg and René van Zuuk and artists Joost Conijn and Geert Mul are being challenged by moderator Jacob Voorthuis to discus their visions, expectations and dreams.

These confrontations and dialogues result in a stagering, directive argument as an off-set to research and experiment for Play the Future.

Art Science Forum from MADlabNL on Vimeo.

To watch the entire discussion that took place during the Play the Future forum, please check out the next video: