Paradigma Social Innovation

Paradigma Social Innovation

Forum discussion and exposition in De Witte Dame Library

14th February 19:30 – 22:00 hrs – Forum Discussion in Library – theatre on the 1st floor.
For and with pioneers and specialists from the scientific, artistic, architectural and design faculties.
Participants to the forum are Luk Sponselee, Hans Martin Don, Cindy Rath and Froukje van de Klundert. Moderator Nicole de Boer made it an exciting event…
Free enterance. 
14 – 28th of February Exposition Social Innovation projects in Library at the 1st floor.

Library is open from mondays through fridays 9-20, saturdays 9-17, sundays 13-17 hrs, Free enterance.

Social innovation refers to the new strategies, concepts, ideas and organizations that strive to provide solutions for serious social challenges – from job opportunities and education to health care, social engagement, and environmental problems. The urgency of today’s social innovation is being kindled by a network-driven paradigm of innovation and creativity, and mobilized by the innovation capacities of everyone in society, whatever their social role or function.
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Social Innovation
The Social Innovation conception is about necessary social renovation in  the broader sense. The English Wikipedia features an interesting definition: “Social innovation refers to new strategies, concepts, ideas and organizations that meet social needs of all kinds — from working conditions and education to community development and health — and that extend and strengthen civil society.
Marleen Stikker from Waag Society has made an effort to define the concept on her blog: Creativity Is The Resource For Social Innovation

Through this exposition and forum-discussion we sought to demonstrate the movement from Eindhoven, the Netherlands and eventually cross bordering the big picture. A selection of examples, projects in development, cases and platforms.
 In the period of the 14th through the 28th of February ad hoc meetings occured with possibilities to present initiatives for organisations that like to reach a wider audience.

The Eindhoven public library is a so called Plus-Library. Meaning they have extended their collection with extra titles to college level. The country wide network of Pluslibraries chose Eindhoven for in-depth collections and to maintain a digital display about Design & Art. In completion to regular service that provides educated people in easy access to knowlegde, Paradigma is aiming to connect curious, broadly interested and educated people with eachother for knowledge-enrichment and knowledge-exchange. In 2013 a new digital window arround innovation & technology has been made to see some of the technical achievements of the future. Next to it the library offers a platform for thematic meetings about design and innovation.

Commissioned by the public library of Eindhoven MAD will format the project Paradigm in De Witte Dame building through expositions, workshops and lectures in the evening. In liaison to an earlier cooperation between MAD and the library during the Dutch Design Week 2012 (DDW2012) Play The Future. The purpose is to find cooperation with local and regional organisation and events to bring about a synergy.

Events for the coming months:

  • February: Social Innovation
  • March: Robotica
  • April: Mobility
May: Serious Gaming
  • June: Open Data

Any ideas to connect or contribute, please contact MAD: