MADspace Village:  Field research unit for future living scenarios.
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MAD features a ‘Field Research Unit’ to recreate future scenario’s of living-standards.

The integration of concepts including health, mobility and energy provide the premisse ‘To what extent is a capsule formerly known as caravan capable of providing a permaculture?’
– How do technology and social innovation merge & match in a micro ecosystem?
– What are we dreaming of,  in terms of serious science fiction?

# Play the Future – What are we dreaming of in terms of serious science fiction.
# Seeker – How do technology and social innovation match in a micro ecosystem.
# Permaculture Academy – To what extent is a capsule formerly known as caravan capable of providing a permaculture.
# Tover je Toekomst – Workshop for kids and youngsters where we are sketching the future by visualising your dreams.

Artist in Residence opening

At the MADspace village we offer a five day stay to the artist called #BUG. She is researching and developing concepts for the project Play the Future: Scenario City. This will lead to an Exhibition and Forum in October during Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven.
Feel inspired to participate, develop and build on the Lab On Wheels project and the Tover je Toekomst workshop.
To get an invitation please apply by contacting MADlab via email mad@dse.nl. We will choose the lucky one ASAP so hurry up and mail us!!!