MAD reaction to Flex City

MAD reaction to Flex City

Reconciliation Flex City – R. Paré – MAD emergent art center

Flex City – Commission Council Eindhoven september 10 2013

Ladies and gentlemen,

I would like to present an immediate response on the concept in hand “Flex City”, likewise in relation to the Metavisie Art & Culture and Cultuur Totaal.

I am director at MAD emergent art center, already 18 years active in the technology and art discipline, and I am delighted to hear that this innovative note is opened for a debate.

The desirable and intended increase of integration and particitation of art and culture in the society, economy and education avails at public discussions.
 By exchanging information, ideas, opinions people are being engaged and entrained in new developments.

The immediate cause gave rise to bring forth a contribution.

The development of Cultuur Totaal and the Metavisie have mastered our continuing consent and participation to the development of it. The effect of this substantive vision in an implementation plan has resulted in the Flex City concept.
These visions are sustained by the spirit of the times, although this spirit is also the everlasting innovation and development that do not stagnate at some vision.
We are therefor somewhat surprised that the introduction of policy-transitions took so much time, considering the long record of Cultuur Totaal, already determined by the council late 2008.

Nowadays innovation means a rapid adaption to chances and development. In the development of software and products an actual revolution took place since the first decade of this century: instead of lineair processes a transition to Agile development has occured.

Persisting and developing in a society that employs quick, flexible and multicultural communication tools and information channels, the art and culture disciplines will have to addept to these circumstances.

The ascertained conservative nature of the culture discipline, is guided by a government moving indifferent to press the issue…

Let it be clear: I am an advocat of the idea that the government should have a generous attitude with regard to the art and culture. The qualities represented by this sector are incapable to be expressed in one dimensional means using economic terms. Art and culture is of vital importance for quality and sustainability of the society. Conjointly to offer a counterweight to technologising and robotisation.

The High Tech culture of Brainport has necessary – in her durable ecosystem – needs for a complementary force that contain and give meaning to humanitarian values. What is more: the high tech industry can be more than ever inspired and applied to artistic and cultural practititoners.

The art and culture, that embody the elevation of man over nature, transit now in a new position also to be the guard of the human measure and the ethical and human values in the world of technologising and robotisation.

This requires an indispensable and pro active setup by the local authorities, and is the cultural discipline an important factor and a sparring partner of the government in this abiding development.

We all live in a society that changes faster than expected.
 ICT, Nanotechnology, Robotica, Bio-technology, as well as Virtual Reality, new media and sensor technology demand clarification, vocabulary and measurement within human standards. Privacy, security and media wisdom are at the top of the agenda.

As a society we have a great need for smart solutions, social creativity, bottom-up innovation, moreover as part of our inclusive society, where less skillful groups are taken along and respected.

The increasing distance between precursors in technological developments and its stragglers form a serious problem. From that aspect art and culture play an important role: the mirror, the challenge, the confrontation, the reflection, the philosophy, the theory, the participation is being achieved by dramaturgs, writers, painters, filmproducers, media artists and more.

It is necessary to call the city of Eindhoven dutiable to interlace intrinsic art in the world of technology. Therefor I call you to involve art in your policy, in your concept, in your development and in any performance whatsoever.

The initiatives and developments that actually design the cohesion between art and technology are the pioneers for a new society, where knowledge and emotion merge into a happy matrimony. Festivals like STRP, GLOW, de Design Academy, the TU/e Industrial Design, Philips Design, Baltan and MAD are in fact the tractor of a new reality.

Concluding I would like to recommend to take art very seriously in their efforts for a healthy and durable society. Dare to innovate beyond and agile. Give the culture spacial, facilitary and financial framework,
and beautiful things will come into being.[:]