Forum Transitorium

Forum Transitorium

Forum Transitorium I and II

On the threshold in the transformation of Strijp-S commenced by utilizing the Klokgebouw, Glasgebouw and the Apparatenfabriek (building SK), the closed off industrial Philips-complex is evolving into a trendy and creative midpoint. An exclusive inspiring place to be. To work… and to live.

Gerard and Anton
The Hoge Rug (Eng: high ridge) consists of two white buildings, namely Gerard and Anton, as seen from the Beukenlaan. Two historical monuments, build in 1928 by Philips, utilized as assembly factories. For many decades radio’s have been produced here whereupon the assembly, storage and administration eventually converted the buildings as to the present day realizing loft units in the Anton and Gerard buildings. Objectively the transfer of this project is estimated throughout October 2012. The lofts will be available as of January 2013.
The ground floor of these two buildings urges to perceive an inspiring entrance. On these premises all functions will draw public attention and appeal livelihood in general. On the first floor in part loft units will be build and other functions like ateliers, offices and possibly shortstay conveniences are supplementary. The second floor all the way to the sixth floor will be exclusively adjusted as loft units for civilian use.

Audible Art
Both Gerard and Anton will be leveled to the ground. The idea is to enplace soundsystems in the underpass for the adjustment of audible art. Two independent installations will feed the ceiling speakers that provide a soundscape which can move sounds through the entire reach! The audible artist is able to use and adjust an open hardware platform, which he or she can provide with software on basis of individual insight. The core attachment of the installation is to the environment, the function and dynamics of the area at any given moment. The aspiration is to enhance creative quality to the location, the buildings and the activities in a way that justifies the innovative legacy of Strijp-S concerning the media.

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Source: Trudo

Call for Interest: Interactive soundscape Anton&Gerard

Gerard and Anton are the first two white buildings of the Hoge Rug on Strijp-S, Eindhoven, as seen from the Beukenlaan. Currently dedicated effort is being carried out to the realization of the loft units in these buildings. The completion date is objected through October 2012. MAD emergent art center is launching a ‘call for interest’ in bringing about audible art to the ground floor of the Anton and Gerard buildings.

The underpass, as wel as the entrance of the buildings will be supplied with a soundsystem to produce audible art. There are two independent installation involved with a speakersystem attached to the ceiling to provide a soundscape that move the acoustic through the room. The audible artist is able to use and adjust an open hardware platform, he or she can provide with software on basis of individual insight on the premises. The aspiration is to enhance creative quality to the location.

From the reactions there will be a selection of three audible artists to propose a design. Eventually one person will receive the assignment.