Website Story

MAD is proud to have been cooperating on the Website Story production.
This is the main act of  Muziek op de Dommel, a classical music festival.

Arrangements for Saturday May 31st 2014

Mainstage 9 pm – 11 pm

The Website Story by Studenten Harmonieorkest Auletes featuring Jos Schroevers
Vocals: Laetitia Gerards, Floor Krijnen, Silencio Pinas, Terence van der Loo

Animations: Arnoud Rigter

Falling in love through social media, relevant in a tale in which the internet is the focal point. The influence of data traffic, privacy issues, ID fraud and Orwellian realities will be reviewed. All of this will be shown in great animations, assisted by wonderful music. Download the Website Story App and get yourself related to this event.