Future of Food hackathon

Future of Food hackathon


Lots of agricultural data is being produced, all around the world. More and more of this data is made accessible as open data. But too often it stops there.
The data doesn’t make it into the hands of those who can use it to bring about economic and social change.
You can help create impact with open data in agriculture and nutrition!

5 challenges, 5 teams, 5 hacks

This is what we have to offer!
We have prepared 5 challenges, including all the necessary data to get really productive / creative.

– Extrapolate climate data to localize agricultural information for farmers.

– Explore open government data to empower sustainable farming.

– Make the international potato trade open and transparent.

– Linked Open Data and the Semantic Web to boost global agricultural data infrastructures.

– Making smart decisions with a data management system that rapidly collects data from the crowd and visualizes what happened.

The hackathon is embedded in the GODAN conference, which means that you’ll be surrounded with experts in open data ànd agricultural experts, committed to support you and your team.

We provide good data, good food, sleeping and good friends to give you two days of happy hacking!

Each challenge is tackled by team of dedicated hackers, experts, designers.
There is need for some serious coding skills for most of the challenges, but a hack team is not complete without people with other crucial skills like business development, design, user research and/or knowledge of farming & food.

Check out the challenges, choose one of the challenges, and register for this unique Future Food Hack.

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact us and we’ll work something out!

There are only a limited amount of seats available. So don’t hesitate too long.

Production team:
Anne Bruinsma, René Paré, Casper Koomen


DATE: 19 + 20 jan. 2015
LOCATION: Wageningen UR
DURATION: 32 hours