GOGBOT / Future Theories

GOGBOT / Future Theories


GOGBOT Festival 10 – 13 september

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edition 2015 the internet of things

SATURDAY 12 sept

MadClass 12.30 – 15.30

Valery Vermeulen – Create your own music from (deep)space or wall street
Did you ever wonder how the universe would sound like if you could hear it, what sounds can bederived from our financial markets and if it is possible to make music with them and if so how this can be practically done? In this workshop you will learn all about it and much more.

Dave Borghuis – How to hack your own smart device
What are the risks of IoT devices? How can users protect themselves against evil hackers? Ethical hackers of TkkrLab will teach you how easy it can be to hack some IoT devices.

Sander Veenhof – The Internet of Anonymous Things
During the workshop, smart devices will be linked in the custom of a ‘Lauf Der Dinge’ installation.

Mark van der Net – OSCity/ Smart Urbanism
With open source as inspiration, architect, urban designer and programmer Mark van der Net will introducethe concept of smart urbanism on the example of OSCity and invites participants to think and do, in orderto consider possibilities for spatial planning of the future.

MadTalks 15.30 – 17.00

Panel discussion with Rob van Kranenburg, Rosa Menkman, Dave Borghuis, Sander Veenhof, Valery Vermeulen, Marc van der Net

Rob van Kranenburg
Sander Veenhof