Hack Glow: Playground voor creatieve techies #2

Hack Glow: Playground voor creatieve techies #2

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During the Light festival Glow in 2016 young, talented programmers were brought together to create their own light art. After last year’s success, another 25 highly motivated techies get the chance to get the best out of themselves and others in the first weekend of Glow together with experienced programmers, technicians and creatives.

Hack Glow was set up by Studio Fleur Besters in collaboration with Fontys Educational Designers and is supported in 2016 by Dynamo Jeugdwerk. In 2015, together with the young people – 8 to 16 years old – and coaches, it was proven that there should be more room for techies. Programming, technology and design are indispensable skills for the future and only need a little bit of nutrition to grow.


Experiences first edition

The first edition was partly thanks to the spontaneous energy of all participants a great success. An indoor trainer, for example, was arranged and picked up in one hour via Marktplaats for 5 euros, with which programmer and coach Richard van Roy made an interactive “Star Wars” light show with the children. Participant Koen meanwhile hacked the api of the public transport in Eindhoven, so that visitors can see with light signals when a bus arrives. Several coaches were already jealous of his programming speed at that time.