Live Lab – Other

Live Lab – Other

Toolbox for 21st century cities

Live Lab is the integration of multiple information technologies with state-of-the-art social – and design knowledge into a product that holds practical tools and protocols.

Live Lab is a virtual and physical platform for sharing knowledge, ideas and experiences. It is open to residents, government and organizations.

Live Lab helps to achieve a better living environment by coming up with innovative solutions for implementation. It is a mobile and flexible lab with screens / digiboards, voting boxes for the participants, a stand-alone interactive vandal-proof outdoor screen that can be placed in the public space. It is supported by an online environment where background information, chat and exchange of media is possible to prepare the meetings.

The project builds on experiments in the past such as “Decision rooms”, “Design Spaces” and the current “Future Centers”. However, Live Lab can be implemented on a low budget and prides itself in being very user friendly. Imagine yourself organizing a public consultation on the design of the public area of StrijpS. You want real discussion, present information, you want the public to have an opinion, having already discussed the topics with other inhabitants, you want the people to actually participate in the proceedings. You want them to choose from several solutions and designs. In the period before the consultation; a Marker (interactive billboard) is placed near the Torenallee. It’s a beautiful and semi-transparent screen where information is showed 24/7 and where you are able to interact with, it responds. Not only will the information be available virtually and online, but it will also be shown in the public space itself.


Atelier Tom Veeger, Art Light Architecture, develops this in close cooperation with MAD emergent art center. It is part of the project Stadslab Eindhoven.

For the Live Lab iCity product we will concentrate on a combination of three specific tools:

  • The external interactive Marker
  • A virtual interactive environment
  • Tools for the Design/Decision room

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