(dis)connect – Expo

(dis)connect – Expo

20th – 28th October
1:00 – 16:00
Bilderdijklaan 19, Eindhoven

In collaboration with the Albert van Abbehuis, VPRO Medialab explores the future of living together with smart digital systems.
The exhibition consists of a Connect room, a Disconnect room and a Film room with the three Home Smart Home films.

The internet has entered our house. Devices such as the TV, refrigerator & thermostat are increasingly being linked to the internet. These devices, also known as smart connected devices, that register everything, record your habits and predict your behavior. At the Home Smart Home exhibition in the Albert van Abbehuis you will learn everything about these devices.

Connect room

More and more household appliances are becoming “smart”: they are connected to the internet and can thus store and exchange information. In this space you can see a selection from the range of existing smart home devices. You can also enter into a conversation with a digital home assistant or an employee who can tell you everything about how the home assistant works.

To be seen:
– A smart security camera
– A smart air humidifier
– A smart thermostat


Disconnect room

If all the devices in your house are also connected to the internet, where can you still go if you do not want to be “connected” for a while? In this space you will see works by a number of artists exploring possibilities to protect yourself against the omnipresent technology or even to escape it.

To be seen:
– A photo series by Robin Alysha Clemens
– The anti-drone tent
– Signal blocking clothing


Part of the exhibition are three short films that all show the near future of life with smart devices. Are these scenarios desirable?
The short films were made by young, up-and-coming talent: MAYA (Nils and Anouk Vleugels), ALEX (Levi Verspeek and Roman Strijbos), RITA (Elly Scheele and Ivo van Aart).