Apostasis – Other

Apostasis – Other

In the last decade, education and research have been inextricably linked to state-of-the-art technologies (e.g. distant education, open courses, virtual universities). On the other hand, professional platforms enable collaborative design and production, in fields such as engineering, architecture, cinema, computer games etc.

Educational experience and research in the area that investigates new forms of collaborative artworks (including computational ones) and their (hybrid) exhibition spaces, has highlighted the need to define a virtual space that integrates real-time collaborative creation procedures, and the (direct) definition of exhibition structures in physical and digital space.

The main objective of @postasis is the development of such a virtual space.

The @postasis underlying mechanism will be implemented through a web platform, integrating state-of-the-art creative technologies (e.g. Unity game engine, front-end tools for content authoring, generative design etc.), access mechanisms (e.g. smart devices, Internet-of-Things), and web frameworks for back-end functions and content management.

In order to highlight @postasis potentials, innovative joint courses and generative art experimentations will be developed among the partners, in conjunction with large-scale participatory artistic events in physical and the virtual space.

The idea of @postasis has been shaped through the recorded experiences and collaboration requirements of the Greek-French Master “Art, virtual reality and multiuser systems of artistic expression”, between Athens School of Fine Arts and Paris-8 University (www.eumaster.asfa.gr).

@postasis project has been selected for funding in the scope of the Erasmus+ European Programme.

The consortium is composed of Athens School of Fine Arts (www.asfa.gr) and Paris-8 University (http://www.univ-paris8.fr) that will contribute educational research and artistic practices, MAD Emergent Art Center (madlab.nl) and ARGENIA (www.argenia.it) that will undertake to highlight the potentials of @postasis through seminars and events, and Omega Technology (site.omegatechnology.gr) that will implement the core of the @postasis platform.

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