Intimate Particles – Expo

Intimate Particles – Expo

2nd December – 13th January
Th t/m Su 13:00 – 17:00
With: Atty Bax and Hanneke Wetzer

Artists Atty Bax and Hanneke Wetzer present a selection of their work in the context of the underlying erotic art theme.

The artworks related to art and media expressions of the past: from classical nude studies, to symbolic portrayals of love and eroticism, from Hokusai with Japanese erotic art (Shunga) to Joep van Lieshout.

Because of their independent position, art and science are a catalyst for innovation, in social and cultural areas, but also in technological and economic innovation processes.
This exhibition is a reflection of the spirit of the times where ethics, legislations, taboos and trends are a welcome area of study for contemporary anthropology.


Concubine (Bax) Pyrrha (Wetzer)

Nippie (Wetzer) Persephone (Bax)