Tech Social Hacking Global Goals – Hackathon

Tech Social Hacking Global Goals – Hackathon

21st – 22nd September

This hackathon is a special experience for creative, curious, skilled people who dare to take on this challenge.

We expect to see daring solutions from a virtual vortex mixer that consists of a magical combination of Tech and Social, Global and Local, Mind and Matter. Technical and creative people work together with sector specialists in ad hoc teams –

Ground-breaking concepts are developed into proof-of-concepts, prototypes or demos.
The ‘invention game’ is concluded in a pitch for a professional jury that awards serious prizes.

The follow-up program gives a perspective on further development of the concepts.

The challenges that are key in this hackathon are heart-felt issues that are plugged by the partners that are involved.

Included in the program are presentation at and access to the Eindhoven Maker Faire weekend on 28 and 29 September. A special booth will present the results of the winners of the hackathon.

So your participation includes a full weekend pass to Eindhoven Maker Faire!

Saturday 21 September – start hackathon at 10 o’clock

Sunday 22 September – pitches, prizes and drinks

Sign up for this challenge and experience, and experience the best weekend of the year!

The inspiring location offers you an excellent environment, including great free food and drinks, you do not lack anything …

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