Future Makers Factory – Workshops

Future Makers Factory – Workshops
27th September
Fr 11:00 – 17.00
Ketelhuisplein Strijp S, Eindhoven.
Are you a fan of making/creating/experimenting with your hands?
This year the Eindhoven Makers Faire expands itself with an interactive program organized especially for students: Future Makers Factory!
The Future Makers Factory consists of a day and evening program in which you can build installations, costumes and vehicles together with artists.
🛠  Inflatables | Arvid & Marie
🛠  Forging | Freerk Wieringa
🛠  Building with pallets | Joep Klunhaar
🛠  Art Fashion | Carri Harwig & Janine Wetzels
🛠 Graffiti pimping the MAD caravan | Martin de Vries

Want to join? Sign up here.

Your effort will be rewarded of course!
If you decide to participate in the day program you will of course be invited to the Friday evening program.
But also you will get free tickets for the Maker Faire (28th and 29th September).