Cyberlocal Dreams Workshop – Hugo Pilate

Cyberlocal Dreams Workshop – Hugo Pilate

Online workshop 25 March 2021 • 19:00 – 22:00 • get your ticket 

Come and daydream a playful future for the city of Eindhoven. Our vision will try and avoid to fall for tech-absorbed futures and instead prioritize the human stories made possible by the future Eindhoven. The aim of the workshop will be to foster discussions around, and the creation of, alternative narratives to urban development aided by digital and virtual platforms.

In this session, we will create a sandbox environment in which participants can imagine their own cities and re-enchant their understanding of what a city is. To do that, we’ll use the Cryptic Cities story generator to help us bridge the surreal with the practical. The aim of this exercise is to challenge ourselves to see cities as story-enabling platforms, ecosystems designed to make your life worth-living. This covers quality of life but also enchantment of life. Working in pairs we will dream big, while also learning about different individuals and activists working towards improving life for their community and see how their experience can inform our own neighborhoods.

Pay what you want. We offer 3 tickets at a different price level. They give you the same access, but you decide what you want to pay for them.

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Hugo Pilate is a designer trying to make sense of the world we’ve built for ourselves while exploring alternative modes of living, earning, and thinking, one project at a time.

His work has enabled him to work between Los Angeles, Paris and Delhi for corporate and government actors engaging with a wide range of topics including access to clean energy, humanitarian aid, sexual and reproductive health, and innovation at large.

Outside of client work he regularly experiment with new ways of collaborating, dreaming up maker-friendly futures and playing around with Processing.


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