artist in residence

MADAIR is our artist in residence program for domestic and foreign artists. Particularly due to the connection with regional knowledge institutions (education), high-tech companies, social and cultural institutions, this is an interesting place for talented artists. Residencies are based on project proposals from the artist – which indicates the relevance for this place and environment.

Facilities include workspace, materials, tools, advice and guidance. In particular, there are opportunities for projects that use electronics, software, media, networks, digital reality, and interaction. Any living space must be provided by the artist himself.

Concrete opportunities are the development of installations and media art for Eindhoven Maker Faire, Manifestations and Strijp-S. The installed installations, applications and experience are disseminated via exhibitions, publications, workshops and presentations.

Residencies do not have a fixed duration – this depends on the possibilities and the proposed project. Applications for a residency must be submitted with a project proposal to MAD emergent art center.