Stichting MAD (established in 1995) was founded as an artists initiative and has developed into an extremely active organisation of enthusiastic volunteers. Every member uitilises their chosen speciality to further the connection between art, science and technology.

MAD acts as a laboratory, platform and provider for ‘emergent art’: art that flows out of the tension existing between cultural and technological developments. MAD maximises its interactions by targeting a wide range of groups including artists, developers, designers, scientists, technologists, public organisations, educational institutions, government departments and companies. This is achieved at regional, national and international level. Modern networks such as internet, ICT and new media offer the means to research, produce, present, distribute and discuss in an interactive way that is accessible for a broad audience.

Activities are developed and realised on the basis of a number of core competences:

  • MAD lab – Laboratory for technology and art (creative lab).
  • MAD events – Presentations, discussions and the distribution of emergent art.
  • MAD netwerk – Platform for artists, education, researchers and technologists.
  • Open Data – Platform for producers, processors and users of data.



Technological Transparency


Artists are unique in their ability to open-mindedly and independently experiment with new technology, freely investigating and advancing the effects of technology on society and culture. The widening gap between citizens and state-of-the-art technology means that competent artists are required to offer necessary resistance.


Autonomous technoculture


In the Eindhoven region, traditionally strong in technology and design, there is limited contact between artists and technologists. The European and global power of Eindhoven’s technology-status is not credible without a foundation of societal and cultural support. Creative forces should be combined, independent of bureaucratic or economic interests, to stimulate the cultural implementation of technology.


Activate the synergy


The synergy between knowledge, creativity and curiosity is a supremely powerful factor for innovation. There is a higher than average occurrence of these qualities in both the scientific and artistic communities. Unprecedented possibilities emerge when these two groups are allowed to work and experiment together. Co-developing the very best of these two worlds will give both art and technology a new impulse.


Directors and Employees


MAD’s Board of Directors consists of: Hanneke van den Nieuwenhof (chair), Louis Verbraak (treasurer/secretary), Mark Dijkstra.

The Board of Directors is unpaid.

Director: René Paré.

MAD has no contract employees, but works with freelancers, temporary and on-call workers.
There are always numerous volunteers active and at regular intervals interns and graduating students. In addition there are infrequent so-called artists-in-residence present.




MAD is a public benefit organisation. MAD emergent art center is a branch of the Foundation Multi-Art-Disc, founded on 18-05-1995 in Eindhoven. The RSIN nummer is 804082856. KvK-nummer 41093496. BTW nummer NL8040.82.856.B.01.

Since 1995, MAD has been housed at a series of locations in Eindhoven: De Lismortel (Alpha Centrum); De Horsten 1 (Multimedia Paviljoen); H. van Brabantplein 17a (Hertoghof); Vonderweg 1 (TAC); Glaslaan 2 (SWA); Vestdijk 280 (Schellens); Achtseweg Zuid 155 (TQ); Don Boscostraat 4 (Social Lab); Von Flowtowlaan 1A (oude grafische school/oude Sint Lucas).




At MAD our working environment is both professional, creative, dynamic and cozy.
We always work as a team so giving a helping hand to each other is expected.

At MAD we are open to adapt the positions based on your interest and learning goals.
Currently we have some open vacancies for volunteers and interns.

Apply by clicking on the function of your choice and completing the form.

If you need any more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.
Email: vacature@madlab.nl
Phone:  (+31) 040 21 33 032





Terms of conditions


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