MAD 25 years

MAD emergent art center is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2020. The celebration of this is a day to see and speak to each other, reflect on the present and speculate about the future. Today’s science has opted for a virtual and interactive metaverse full of surprising encounters and conversations. Find here an insect hotel full of channels, platforms and applications that you can walk around and click and discover.

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Mission MAD

MAD emergent art center is a non-profit organization dedicated to democratizing technology, initiating interdisciplinary innovation and promoting social creativity.

We unlock new technologies and make them creatively available and applicable to people and society, with artists and scientists as a catalyst.

We do this as a virtual laboratory by realizing encounters and collaboration with technical, creative and other domains, makers, thinkers and groups from society.

We facilitate, share knowledge and inspire, we research applications and develop open source. We realize communities, platforms, productions, exhibitions, festivals and interplanetary excursions.

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