Mindhoven is MAD emergent art center’s research program for artistic research into creative impulses towards social, social and cultural innovations.

Mindhoven is a dynamic platform that strengthens the social ecosystem by making multidisciplinary connections and initiating developments.

The conversion of challenges facing the world today offers opportunities for serious creative solutions. By looking beyond the boundaries of sectors and domains, we offer perspective into the future, can think of how things can be done differently, and shape what that looks like.

Using three pillars; Learning City, Metaverse and Maker Education, we want Mindhoven to act as an intermediary between pioneers and laggards, and narrow the gap between tech wizards and digibits. We do this through workshops, hackatons and meetups, among other things!


In the first weekend of October, the annual Atelier Route Eindhoven and region is organized. During these days dozens of local artists and creatives open their doors. This is the chance to take a look at studios in the region, talk to local artists, or to purchase beautiful artwork of course!

Eindhoven Maker Faire

Eindhoven Maker Faire is a festival of invention, creativity and ingenuity and a celebration of the Maker Movement.

Part science fair, part country fair, and part something entirely new, Eindhoven Maker Faire is a gathering of all ages of technical enthusiasts, crafters, educators, tinkerers, hobbyists, engineers, science clubs, authors, artists, students and commercial exhibitors. It brings together fascinating, curious people who love to learn and share what they can. This festival offers makers the opportunity to display examples of their work and communicate with others about it.

Eindhoven Maker Faire is primarily designed to be forward-thinking makers exploring new forms and new technologies. But it’s not just about novelty in the technical field. The Maker Faire offers innovation and experimentation across the spectrum of science, engineering, art, performance and craft.

Stadslab Eindhoven


Stadslab Eindhoven helps create a better living environment by working with residents and professionals to devise and implement innovative solutions.

Virtual and physical platform
Stadslab Eindhoven is a virtual and physical platform for sharing knowledge, ideas and experiences and is open to residents, governments and businesses. Stadslab Eindhoven responds to a broad movement enabling direct co-creation with residents and other stakeholders. It supports existing networks and communities, but also creates new networks. It is an instrument to improve the influence of residents on their living environment. Together with artists, designers, architects and programmers, concrete problems and improvements are made transparent, manageable and workable.

Science Hack Day

Science Hack Day is a two-day event that brings together everyone who is enthusiastic about making weird, wacky or serious things with science. The idea behind Science Hack Day is to see what people can prototype within 24 consecutive hours.

People organically form multidisciplinary teams over the course of the weekend: particle physicists collaborate with designers, marketers collaborate with rocket scientists, writers collaborate with molecular biologists and developers collaborate with school children.

Science Hack Day is inherently about merging ideas, media, technology and people to create sparks for future ideas, collaborations and inspiration to launch.

Eindhoven Crazy Parade


Every year the Eindhoven Crazy Parade is hosted at the Eindhoven Maker Faire.

This parade is a presentation of all homemade crazy vehicles made by artists, architects, designers, as well as neighborhoods, hobbyists and groups of friends.

With tremendous enthusiasm, many people participate in making moving objects. From modifying vehicles to building from scratch, there are different approaches that participants take. During this parade you will not only see technical highlights in terms of control, propulsion or construction, you will also be able to admire sustainable, artistic, conceptual and decorative designs and inventions.

Would you like to participate with your own vehicle? Or just enjoy the spectacle?

Future Makers Factory

Future Makers Factory is an ongoing educational program of MAD emergent art center.

The workshops are guided by an experienced Maker/artist, giving an extra impulse to creative and out-of-the-box thinking and ensuring quality content. This gives young people the opportunity to be introduced to new methods/techniques and their
creative ability is developed. The program not only makes them think about a sustainable living environment, but also about their individual future: “what are my talents, what do I like/interest me, what can I do” (usually much more than they think!). In this way Future Makers Factory functions as a valuable addition to the basic curriculum and forms a bridge to the world next to and beyond the school.

Artist in Residence

MADAIR is our artist in residence program for domestic and foreign artists. Especially due to the connection with regional knowledge institutions (education), high-tech companies, social – and cultural institutions, this is an interesting place for talented artists. Residencies are based on project proposals by the artist – who indicates the relevance for this place and environment.

Facilities include workspace, materials, tools, advice and guidance. In particular, there are opportunities for projects using electronics, software, media, networking, digital reality, interaction. Any living space should be provided by the artist.

Concrete opportunities include development of installations and media art for Eindhoven Maker Faire, Manifestations and Strijp-S. Through exhibitions, publications, workshops and presentations, the realized installations, applications and experience will be disseminated.

Afgelopen projecten


Pixel People

Pixel People wants to make people aware of invisible digital information flows and the potential impact it has on individuals and society. The goal is to promote online freedom, privacy and autonomy to create more equality and reciprocity between people, society and technological development.

It is an experience in which invisible information becomes visible and tangible while walking through the city of Eindhoven. This mixed reality experience aims to nurture the participant’s knowledge through elements of competition, fun and surprise. During the experience, participants become aware and ultimately more skilled in guarding and correctly sharing their identity – online and offline.


Albert van Abbehuis

Albert van Abbehuis is an art space and cultural platform managed by MAD emergent art center. We aim to connect society to the worlds of art, science, design and technology. The exhibition space acts as a platform for contemporary art exhibitions, hackathons, meet-ups, interactive workshops, performances and lectures. Together with fellow initiatives in the cultural sector, we aim to be a meeting place for interdisciplinary interactions.

Albert van Abbehuis is proud of both national and international collaborations. As a multidisciplinary platform, we welcome proposals from both the cultural, scientific and technological sectors.

Tover je toekomst

What do you think the future looks like? Will there be modes of transportation or robots serving us?
During the Magic Your Future workshop you are working on your future. During this workshop you can show how you envision the future!

Magic Your Future is a workshop where children invent their own future. In this interactive workshop for children between 6 and 96 years old, even the smallest can visualize the future with the help of family members, friends or a coach.

The workshop is about Science Fiction Drawing. Here, your dreams, imagination, wishes and expectations are brought to life in a sheet full of drawings, texts and pictures The future images created are exhibited in a gathering place online.